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What could be better than a kids’ birthday party? It’s a chance to bring your child’s friends together for a day of fun, games, food, and celebration. Talk about fun!We love planning kids’ parties, as there’s nothing better than seeing their little eyes light up at some new surprise or discovery. It’s a challenge to us to come up with bigger, more creative activities for their party. CHECK OUT OUR CHILDRENS’ PARTY SERVICES! But before the party ever begins, we make sure to go over our kids party checklist and make sure we have everything ready for the big event. Using the checklist helps us to be sure we’re not […]

​What is a party without music? Music is what turns your gathering of friends, family, and children into a proper fiesta! It puts a rhythm in your step and a need to move in your bones. With the childrens party music, you can turn even a simple affair into a full-on spectacle. The Challenge of Finding Quality Childrens Party SongsIf you’ve listened to the music that is popular today, you’ll definitely notice that there is a lot that is inappropriate about the songs and lyrics. A good deal of the pop/dance music around today is unsuitable for kids, due to mature and suggestive lyrics.Finding good childrens party songs and music […]

Throwing a party for your teenager is a great way to show that you are proud of all of their accomplishments and are happy to help them socialise with their peers. Despite your desire to help your child have one of the best parties they have ever had, understanding exactly what will make your teenager happy is often much harder than it may seem on the surface. Luckily for you, City Nights Discos has years of experience throwing parties for thirteen to 16 year olds and we know exactly what will make a party a success for your too-cool-for-school teen son or daughter. What makes a party great for young […]

The corporate team that celebrates together, succeeds together. When it comes to team bonding, not only does a corporate event bring everyone closer, but it can improve the company’s culture, productivity, and morale.  Check out our infographic below about how a corporate event can improve your team! If you are looking for a full-service music and entertainment solution for your next corporate event, get in touch with us for a personalized quote!

Games for Teens We use the term ‘Teen’ to represent an audience between the ages of around 9Yrs and 12/13Yrs. Teens are at the cross-over point between Children and Young Adults and this is an age group where games / competitions / spot-prizes, etc may, or indeed may not, be wanted or appreciated. We’ll be delighted to organise games or competitions of any kind if you so wish- but this is usually best left until we (and you) get there and we can ‘judge the mood on the night’. Feedback both in advance and also on the night from you / our Teen ‘Hosts’ will be what we’re looking for- and of course, feedback […]