What areas do you cover?2020-08-11T18:05:08+00:00

We cover a wide area including all of Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, and the nearer parts of the surrounding counties too.

What types of Function do you cover?2020-08-11T18:05:27+00:00

We do ALL types of function from formal to Informal, christenings to funerals, children’s parties to weddings, corporate events to social nights. We will select the right member of our team of DJs to suit your party.

Where do you set-up?2020-08-11T18:06:08+00:00

We are extremely flexible and can set up almost anywhere that has power, from the largest of conference halls to the smallest of living rooms!

What music do you play?2020-08-11T18:06:33+00:00

We have all types of music and we will play whatever music you want us to, see Playlist.

Can I choose my own music?2020-08-11T18:06:53+00:00

We always ask for a playlist or some music preferences or guidelines from all of our customers to help us understand your music tastes. We’ll be delighted to accept any kind of music playlist or ideas (as well as any don’t-play songs or genres) from you. Sending us any music information is of course completely optional, we’re quite happy working without a playlist or guidelines, but any information you can provide about your preferences will really help us to get the music totally right for you and your guests.

How Long have you been established?2020-08-11T18:07:19+00:00

We have been supplying professional DJs and discos for over 25 years!

Are you reliable?2020-08-11T18:07:37+00:00

We have a 100% reliability record. We have never let anyone down in all of our 25+ years of service.

What is included in the fee?2020-08-11T18:07:54+00:00

The fee will buy you one of our team of professional DJs for the night. All of the kit required or requested by you is included at no extra charge. This includes a high quality sound system, a full light show and a choice of any or our entire array of special effects. The only extras we have which will involve an extra fee are our video disco option, karaoke, and our up-lighting.

What equipment do you bring?2020-08-11T18:11:15+00:00

We’ll bring along a high quality sound system built to suit the size and shape of your venue, and the age group(s) attending. We’ll also bring along lighting and special effects.

Does the price include lights?2020-08-11T18:11:31+00:00
Can we choose the lights?2020-08-11T18:11:48+00:00

We always ask for feedback from all of our customers with regard to the kind of lighting they want for their party. If you have any ideas, then please let us know and we’ll build a light show to suit the mood you want to create at your party.

Does the price include Special Effect?2020-08-11T18:12:09+00:00

Yes, a full modern, overhead, nightclub light show and your choice of any, or all of our special effects are included at no extra charge, including: SMOKE MACHINE, STROBES, LASER, DISCO BALL, ULTRA-VIOLET LIGHTING, ULTRA-VIOLET BACKDROPS, BUBBLE MACHINE and FLAME POTS!

Do you need a deposit?2020-08-11T18:20:29+00:00

Yes, we’ll ask for around a third of the money up front to secure the date. The balance is paid on the night to the DJ at the party.

Does you have Public Liability Insurance?2020-08-11T18:20:48+00:00
Do you have a PAT Certificate?2020-08-11T18:21:01+00:00
How long do you need to set up?2020-08-11T18:21:20+00:00

We usually say to allow 45 minutes for set-up, but we can often set up in 30 minutes if you need us to. The time taken to set up will be quicker if we have clear and easy access and no stairs or excessive distances to carry the equipment.

How long to clear the venue after the Party finishes?2020-08-11T18:21:38+00:00

We can usually clear a venue in 30 minutes.

Can you work in a Marquee?2020-08-11T18:22:04+00:00

Yes, we’ll be delighted to set-up and work in a marquee for you!

Can You set your Equipment Earlier in the Day?2020-08-11T18:22:23+00:00

Yes, we’ll be happy setting the equipment up for you earlier in the day if this suits you better or if your venue has requested this.

Do you offer Karaoke?2020-08-11T18:22:41+00:00

Yes, just ask us about our Karaoke services.

How do we contact you?2020-08-11T18:23:00+00:00

You can call us on 0118 942 1792, or use the contact form on the contact page. If you already know your party details just click the quote button to the right of this page, fill out the options and we will get back to you with a cost as soon as we can.

What happens if something goes wrong?2020-08-11T18:23:17+00:00

We use professional equipment and it’s extremely reliable. In the very unlikely event of something going down, we carry spare kit so we can still keep the party going. We have breakdown cover on our vehicles, so in case of a breakdown that can’t be fixed at the roadside, we’d get towed to you if need be! We also always have spare DJs in case of illness or any other eventuality.

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