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For the Party of all Parties….why not Theme your Event?!

Our theme party DJ can help you by playing music based on your chosen theme to create the desired mood to suit your event.

We can also help you ‘Theme’ your venue with lighting, special effects, backdrops and props on any scale, really bringing your venue and event to life.

Professional mobile disco and dj services

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Looking to host a party that stands out from the sea of events you and your friends are used to attending? A great way to make your next event into a unique and memorable experience is by adding a theme.

A DJ themed party can work for almost any type of event, from professional gatherings to birthday parties and weddings. At City Nights Disco, our theme party DJ can make your themed party even better by playing music based around your chosen theme, creating the desired mood to suit your event.

Areas We Serve:

Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire.

We can also help you theme your venue with lighting, special effects, backdrops and props on any scale, really bringing your venue and event to life.

We had two of your guys come to us on the 3rd March in Farnham and I just wanted to say that they really were brilliant and I just wanted to say thanks again for making the party such a hit


What sort of Events can benefit from a Theme?

Almost any type of event can easily become a DJ themed party. Themes can really personalize birthday parties and other personal celebrations, giving your guests something to plan for and look forward to, increasing their anticipation of the event.

At weddings, themes can also increase your guests interaction with one another and make your photos and videos of the reception unlike any other.

Themes can even be added to professional events and celebrations, helping your employees relax and socialize with one another in a new way. Themes can be a great deal of fun in themselves – in fact, you can use a DJ themed party as the main reason to invite your family and friends over for a party.

Think of what fun a “Great Gatsby” DJ themed party during the summer months would be, held in a garden venue with the perfect lighting and refreshing cocktails to compliment it perfectly.

If you are considering adding a theme to your next event but are not sure where to begin, City Nights Disco can help. With our over twenty years of experience throwing themed parties, we can work with you to find the perfect theme ideas to meet your party wants and needs.

What Themes can City Nights Disco offer?

Simply call us for a list of our ever-growing catalogue of themed parties and some free friendly advice on how City Nights can help you turn your vision into a reality. We are happy to work with you to design the perfect DJ themed party for your original theme idea as well. Our list of most popular themed events includes:

  • Space Heaven & Hell
  • Grease The Movie London Thru The Ages
  • Orient SuperHeroes
  • New Yok New York Dickensian
  • Around the World Land of the Fairy Kings
  • James Bond World Sports

  • Tropical Island New Orleans/Jazz
  • Hollywood/Oscars Aztec
  • Wild West African Jungle
  • Fire & Ice Salsa
  • Saucy Seaside Sci-Fi
  • Bollywood Mardis Gras
  • Moulin Rouge Horror
  • Medieval Mad Professors Lab
  • Titanic Circus
  • 70’s 60’s
  • Victorian Fun Fair Casino Royale
  • 50’s Diner Roman

Professional mobile disco and dj services

Just complete a quick enquiry form that will help us understand your requirements!

CALL US AT 0118 942 1792

What Services are included in a City Nights Disco DJ Themed Party?

A City Nights Disco DJ themed party will be hosted by one of our professional DJs with experience in your chosen genre of music and event type. Your DJ will work closely to design a personalized playlist of your favorite songs and genres that mixes perfectly with your event’s theme, accentuating it in a way that deepens the theme and gets your guests in the right mood.

Because our DJs always come prepared to every event with thousands of song options, they will also be happy to accept specific song requests during the event so everyone can hear their favorite song. We provide a state of the art sound system at every DJ themed event, capable of projecting your chosen tunes throughout your venue for everyone to enjoy.

We can also include an array of special effects at any DJ themed party with City Nights Disco. Special effects can make your theme come to life, adding the special touch that sets the atmosphere you were hoping for. We can help you find almost any type of special effect, but our most popular include a laser light show, disco balls, flame pots, and bubble machines.

We also can provide LED lighting and up-lighting to paint the walls of your venue with colors that stay static throughout the DJ themed party or change in sync with your planned activities. If you need entertainers to successfully execute a specific theme and help with activities, we can also provide as much help, in theme, as needed. We want your DJ themed party to be exactly as you want, so we will work with you until you have everything you need!

To discover how City Nights Discos can help you to create your perfect DJ themed party, call us in Reading (0118) 9421792. Our prices include a professional DJ, a high quality sound system, a full light-show and any or all of our array of special effects, and we’ll play your very own choice of music too!

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