Games for Teens

We use the term ‘Teen’ to represent an audience between the ages of around 9Yrs and 12/13Yrs.
Teens are at the cross-over point between Children and Young Adults and this is an age group where games / competitions / spot-prizes, etc may, or indeed may not, be wanted or appreciated.

We’ll be delighted to organise games or competitions of any kind if you so wish- but this is usually best left until we (and you) get there and we can ‘judge the mood on the night’. Feedback both in advance and also on the night from you / our Teen ‘Hosts’ will be what we’re looking for- and of course, feedback from your guests on the night too! We will not play or organise any games or competitions of any kind if you don’t want them.

Feel free to supply us on the night with plenty of sweets (mini Mars-Bars or Haribo type sweets are ideal) as Prizes if you think you’d like us to organise any activities. Even if the giving out of prizes is not anticipated, some sweets as prizes can often go down well, and we’ll often find ways of giving them out in a fun and grown-up way.

We will usually do a few ‘ice-breakers’ (dance-offs, boys vs girls, etc) if we need to gee things up a little in order to start things off- and possibly incorporate a few games/competitions/spot-prizes too, but this is difficult to judge in advance of the night or before we have the relevant feedback from you, as some Teens are much more ‘Grown-Up’ compared to others of exactly the same age, and will therefore want a very different type of Teen Disco.

Some great examples of such games / competitions are:

  • the ‘Arches Game’
  • ‘Corners Game’
  • ‘Dance-Off’
  • ‘Limbo Competition’

These are almost always a hit with Teens but as I said, it’s different for every Teen!

The best thing to do is to give us any thoughts or ideas you have in advance, to supply us with some sweets as Prizes on the night regardless, and then to let us play what we do by ear on the night.

Prizes for Teens

If you want games or competitions, or for spot-prizes to be given out at your Teen Party, the only thing we’ll ask you to provide on the day will be the prizes. We’ll give prizes out to the winners of any activities we’re doing. We will give out whatever you give us (and you may wish to supply some Main Prizes too- see below). You can spend as little or as much as you like on prizes, but a multi-bag or two of fun-size Mars-bar or Haribo type sweets is sufficient.

In most cases, spending a set amount of money on lots of small prizes or sweets (plenty to go around) certainly works better than spending the same amount on not as many ‘larger’ prizes.

Providing bigger ‘Main’ prizes is completely optional

If you want to supply some bigger ‘Main’ prizes this is up to you, but there is no need to supply anything more than plenty of mini-prizes mentioned above. We’ve been told on countless occasions that a good place to look for ‘Main’ prizes is the local “£1 Shop” or similar!

We can of course give out sweets for any winners of anything we’re doing if we don’t have any ‘Main’ prizes, as the fact that our young winner has ‘won’ normally more than over-shadows the actual prize!

We can give out sweets or a Main prize to the winner of any game or for any other reason we think will be fun and appropriate to the ages attending. Ideas for reasons to give out Main prizes include the best dressed boy / girl, the best boy / girl dancer, best or loudest boy / girl singer of the day, best couple, etc., so between 4 and 10 Main prizes might be a good number to aim for if you do want to give us Main-Prizes.

At City Nights Discos we’ll find fun ways of giving out whatever you’ve given us to hand out.