Young Adult Party Disco’s for 13 to 16 year olds with Professional Party DJs

This page is aimed at an age group between 13 and 16 years old

We use the term ‘Young Adults’ to represent a Teenage audience between the ages of 13 and 16 years olds. This represents the cross-over age-group between what we call ‘Teens’ (9 to 13Yrs) and ‘Adults’ (over 16Yrs).

Professional mobile disco and dj services

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This is an age group where playing the right type of music essential.

We always send an experienced and Professional Young Adult  DJ who will play your very own choice of music, set-up a Full High Quality Sound System, a Full Night-Club Light-Show and we will use an array of any (or ALL!) of our many Special Effects at every Party for Teenagers (more info below)- all for one great and fully inclusive price!

Some elements of our Teen and Adult Discos may well be relevant at a Young Adult Party, and we will be very happy to combine any elements of our Teen, Young-Adult and Adult Discos in order to get what we’re doing absolutely right for you and your guests.

Areas We Serve:

Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire.

Our Young Adult DJ’s are cool, energetic, friendly and interactive, and understand this teenage age group very well.

We know that the most important thing by far, is to not treat this teenaged age group like children.

Every Teenage Disco we do is totally individual and designed to meet your own requirements. Simply tell us what you do or don’t want, regarding ANY aspect of your DJ or Disco.

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Fergie - 14th Birthday


Having a DJ / Disco that will play the right type of music will undoubtedly be one of the main priorities for almost every Young Adult.

This will very often mean booking a DJ who has a really good knowledge and collection of the latest tunes.

We pride ourselves on carrying the most up to date music , and this usually includes a great selection of upfront ‘DJ-only’ Pre-Chart release music too!

We can guarantee to get your music right, because the music we play will be your choice. We ALWAYS ask for a music playlist, this way, we play your very own choices and styles of music and steer away from any music you don’t want to hear.

A playlist is completely optional, however it really helps us get the music absolutely right for your Party.

This is particularly true for Young Adult Discos as there are so many potential music genres and styles for this particular age group to be in to. Another factor is that a lot of music can have a quick turnover in the music charts and therefore it often has a VERY short shelf life. What filled the dance-floor just a few of weeks ago may very well be out of fashion or ‘old’ today!

We really will play whatever you want us to, and know how to turn what we play into a real Party!

The music we play will be on a proper Sound-System too… played at a volume to suit you and your guests… just like it is in the Clubs!

Professional mobile disco and dj services

Just complete a quick enquiry form that will help us understand your requirements!

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Lighting & Effects

The visual aspect of any Party for Teenagers will also be a hugely important factor.

A a full, modern, overhead Night-Club light-show is included at no extra charge. This means there will be beams of Multi-Coloured light moving in time with the music and filling the entire venue, ensuring that your Party really has that Club feel and looks amazing!

We also include an array of Club Special-Effects for free too!




All / any / none… you choose what you do or don’t want!
All of these effects are included at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Just wanted to tell you how impressed we all were with your DJ at Annie and Ellie’s party on Saturday night. He was great with the teenagers and played the music they wanted. We have had so many comments like ‘best party of the year’ and ‘your party rocked’! Wont hesitate to use you again and recommend you. Thank You!

Bridget - Joint 13th Birthday


Many 13 to 16 year olds will want a completely ‘Adult’ Disco with no interaction (such as Competitions, Games and Spot-Prizes), whilst some others may well love the idea of some interaction. If Games, Competitions or Spot-Prizes of any kind are required, please see our Teen Party page for more information.

Anything you see on our other pages can easily be adapted to suit the age groups you have attending and incorporated into your Party!

Most parties for Young Adults will indeed need a little geeing-up to get the ball rolling. 
We have the experience to be able to break-the-ice and get the Party started in many ways
 without having rely on playing any kind of Games or Competitions, if they are not required.

In Advance

Our initial task with any Disco for Teenagers is to try to gain as much information as we can about the type of DJ and Disco you’d like. This is of course optional, but is very useful for us to at least have an idea of where your preferences.

This information can be about ANY aspect of the Disco, from the music we do and don’t play, the type of lighting and special-effects we do or don’t use, or indeed the type or style of DJ you’d like us to be, including what type of interaction you’d like us to use on the day!

DJ on the day

We will send one of our younger DJ’s for any Teenage Party, one who is young enough to be cool, but also old enough to have the experience to turn your Disco into a truly awesome ‘hands-in-the-air’ Party to truly remember forever!

We can guarantee to send a DJ who has a minimum of 5 years experience working with this age group. The DJ will gain rapport with you and your young adult guests, and will be happy to accept requests and feedback about what you’d like him to do, or what music you’d like to hear throughout your Party and as the evening progresses.

… you did a fantastic job on Saturday night for Ginny’s party. Great choice of music and he held the evening together so we did not have to intrude on the teenagers fun – a drag having Mum and Dad around! I would not hesitate to use you again or to recommend you to others.

Jane Smith - 16th Birthday

Your Peace of Mind guaranteed

We have vast experience in providing Discos for this Teenage ‘Young Adult’ age group, and if you’d like us to, we’ll be very happy to supply references from many satisfied customers.

Quality Mobile Disco’s at affordable prices, personalised in every way to create your Perfect Party.

Our prices include a Professional DJ, a high quality sound system, a full light-show and any or all of our array of special effects, and we’ll play your very own choice of music too!

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