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Professional mobile disco and dj services

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What’s the point of organizing another special event that resembles all the others you have attended this year, having your guests shuffle along to the same old music in the same venues as always? Blow your guests away with a disco party like none other they have ever seen!

City Nights Discos has been organizing special events in Oxfordshire and throughout the UK for over twenty years, putting together unique events that cater to each client’s individual tastes and party desires.

We work with clients to throw jamming wedding receptions, big birthday bashes, fun school gatherings, unique work meetings, and any number of other celebrations and parties. For your special event, we can provide an incredible mobile DJ in Oxfordshire, a seamless playlist of your favorite music, professional sound and video equipment, and memories to last a lifetime!

Just to let you know that the party went really well, I was very pleased with Dave the DJ, he was really good and the children had a fantastic time!!Thank you very much

Laura B – Megan’s 9th Birthday Party

We Cover the Following Towns and Surrounding Areas in Oxfordshire, UK

  • Oxford

  • Abingdon

  • Wantage-Grove

  • Thame

  • Faringdon

  • Wheatley

  • Shrivenham

  • Banbury

  • Didcot

  • Kidlington

  • Charlbury

  • Chipping Norton

  • Chinnor

  • Bloxham

  • Bicester

  • Witney

  • Carterton

  • Wallingford

  • Benson

  • Eynsham

  • Cholsey

City Nights Discos is here to help you make your next special event one of the best parties of the season, while saving you time and money! Contact us today to find out how we can work with you to create the perfect party to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets City Nights Discos Apart from Other Party Service Providers?2020-08-12T17:03:42+00:00

A mobile disco from City Nights Discos includes everything you need to host an incredible event. We will work with you from beginning to end to make sure every aspect of your event flows together and is exactly as you want. We can help you choose an appropriate venue, design a great guest list and invitations, choose whether food and drink options are appropriate, and choose the perfect party theme to suit your needs. If you would to include a theme at your special event, we can help you choose the best option for you and your guests.

We have helped host several themed parties – whether you need help choosing the perfect theme from one of our past themes or are looking to tweak a theme you already have in mind, we can help. Check out all of our different event options – we have helped clients host birthday parties, club discos, schools events, professional receptions, anniversary parties, children’s parties, and a number of other events with each party always customized to the specific requests and needs of our clients.

Why stress about the small details of a party, making you run around during the event and miss half the fun, when you can work with professional party service providers like City Nights Discos to take away all the worry and add double the entertainment? Don’t worry about the price tag either. All of our party services are available at competitive pricing either a la carte or in convenient packages to make your planning as easy as possible. City Nights Discos is dedicated to making every party a unique event and will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your upcoming party. Just check out some of our recent customer testimonials to see the difference we can make at your next event.

Who Are the DJs of City Nights Discos in Oxfordshire?2020-08-12T17:04:03+00:00

Every mobile disco from City Nights Discos begins with a professional Mobile DJ in Oxfordshire. Our DJs have years of experience hosting parties throughout the UK and within specific genres of music. They also specialize in hosting different types of parties so that you can rest assured that the DJ Oxfordshire that we send you will be both a musical and entertainment expert. No matter the type of event you are organizing, we have experienced DJs that understand the importance of interacting with the crowd and providing the right type of energy to get a party going.

Your DJ Oxfordshire will work closely with you from the beginning to craft a unique musical playlist, incorporating your preferred musical genres, artists, and time periods into one seamless playlist unlike any other you have ever heard. Our DJs are also happy to take prepared playlists from you, if you already know exactly which songs you want to jam out to with your guests on the big night. Planning a themed event? Your mobile DJ in Oxfordshire would love to dress and act the part, no matter how outlandish your theme. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good DJ to making or breaking a party. Work with City Nights Discos to guarantee that your party will be hosted by one of the best DJs Oxfordshire has to offer!

What Comes with a Mobile Disco from City Nights Discos?2020-08-12T17:04:29+00:00

In addition to an unbelievably talented DJ, City Nights Discos will provide you with a state of the art sound system to make sure that all your guests have the chance to hear your carefully selected music throughout your chosen venue, whatever its size or layout. We can include as many speakers as you need along with whatever other additional technological equipment you may require. Along with the sound equipment, all of our mobile discos include an exciting video set-up.

This video set-up can include several flat screen TVs, set up around the DJ stand or around the entire venue, and projectors and screens to show your chosen images around the venue or even on the ceiling and floors! Pairing our audio offerings with video displays helps set out parties apart from the rest, providing your guests with both audio and visual pleasure during your special event.

Does City Nights Discos Offer Special Effects?2020-08-12T17:04:53+00:00

Beyond our offerings of awesome music and state of the art sound and video equipment, your mobile DJ in Oxfordshire can also provide an array of special effects. Special effects are a fun and affordable way to customize your event and make your entertainment offerings something not easy to forget. Included in the price of every City Nights Discos mobile disco is an awe-inspiring laser light show that can be planned for any point in the night, synced up to your music or run independently by your DJ Oxfordshire.

Even more, we can provide disco balls, smoke machines, bubble machines, and several other special effects at no additional charge! We also have other affordable extras like LED lighting that can be set to pulse with the music or along the walls to wash your venue in various colors. Since special effects can add a lot to themed parties, ask us about more specific options for your theme.

If we do not normally offer some type of special effect that you have you heart set on for your event, we will help you find it so that your party can be complete – just the way you always imagined it. City Nights Discos will make sure all your music, video, and special effect choices blend seamlessly into one incredible party!

Can Your DJ Oxfordshire Stream Every Type of Video at a Mobile Disco?2020-08-12T17:05:15+00:00

Believe it or not, your DJ Oxfordshire can stream almost any type of video stream you would like at your customized mobile disco! A simple but always popular option is to stream some of the latest music videos continuously in the background of a disco party, optionally synced up to the music. If you are looking for something a bit more specific in line with your party’s particular theme or mood, we can set the screens to show any set up videos from a particular era, country, film, or TV show. Just let us know what type of videos you were hoping to show and we can work with you to put them up on the big screens.

Along the same lines, we can show random computer generated graphics and images, like rockets shooting off, color and light wheels or shapes, sound bars or graphs, or any other psychedelic imagery you can imagine. This is often a great option for club discos, when hosts like to promote the creative imagination of their guests with more abstract displays. All of these displays can also flash or continuously display any type of message or name. If you would like to honor a special guest or make sure the wedding couple or birthday girl is highlighted throughout the event, this can be a great option. If you have chosen to include a karaoke as one of your entertainment options, what better way to have everybody singing along to their favorite songs than by showing the lyrics on your screens and TVs? You can make sure everyone is having the time of their life with any of these choices!

One of our most popular choices for our mobile discos is to include video cameras throughout the venue so that a live stream of the event’s happenings can be displayed on the screens. This is an incredible way to help make all your guests feel included and increase everyone’s interaction with one another. Even more, this stream can be recorded to be used at your next event and spark the energy or simply as a great keepsake so that you never have to worry about remembering the night’s smallest details. We can also set up a combination of any of the above mentioned streams. With our dedication to your satisfaction, there is no doubt that we will be able to find the perfect combination of audio and video options to make your party the hottest of the year!

What are you waiting for? Make your next special event, whatever the purpose, a party that your friends and loved ones will be talking about for months to come! With affordable pricing and all-inclusive packaging, our small fees will more than cover the stress you will save from worrying over the planning!

Our experienced and professional DJs in Oxfordshire will blow you and your guests away, while our customized audio and visual options will make your party as unique as it can be.

Give us a call today for more information and a no obligation quote!



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Professional mobile disco and dj services

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One of the biggest problems in the modern workplace is making employees really enjoy their jobs, regardless of their repetitiveness or routine nature.

One of the best ways to combat this feeling is by making their work environment as friendly and dynamic as possible, allowing your employees to relax while they work and feel comfortable throughout the day.

A workplace can become an enjoyable environment for employees when they feel like they are being appreciated and respected, allowed the freedom to carry out their jobs in a stress-free way.

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for an excellent disco last night. Everyone enjoyed our Christmas party and most were encouraged to get up onto the dance floor thanks to some really good music!

Deirdre. Christmas party

Hosting fun corporate events is a great way to lighten the mood of your company and foster socialization between your workers – making them feel more at home and boosting communication throughout the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Host Corporate Events in Oxfordshire?2020-08-12T17:07:38+00:00

It is common knowledge these days that happy workers are more productive in the workplace. This means that, as an employer and someone who cares for their employees, making sure your workers are happy with their jobs and workplace should be a high priority not only for your employees’ wellbeing but also for that of your company.

Throwing a fun corporate event as a reward for the successful finish of a big project or financial quarter, for example, can go a long way in showing your employees you appreciate their hard work and making them happier to dedicate their time and energy to your cause. Similarly, demonstrating that you care about your employees personally by celebrating a birthday, retirement, new child, wedding, or any of a number of significant personal accomplishments can help give you a happy and loyal workforce.

In addition to showing your dedication to your workers, hosting corporate events can increase the interaction between employees who may otherwise never have a chance to meet or chat. This is important for several reasons. It allows for your employees to feel more integrated into the company and have a better grasp of how it functions.

Even more, increasing your employees’ networks will provide them with more resources to do their jobs to the best of their capabilities and develop themselves professionally – a win-win on both fronts. Increasing knowledge transfer and communication can only help your company.

What Types of Corporate Events Does City Nights Disco Help Host?2020-08-12T17:08:02+00:00

There are several types of corporate events that a company may need to host at one point or another. Sometimes a more formal award ceremony or dinner in honor of a special guest is in order, in which case City Nights Disco can help you choose the perfect combination of party elements to make your event both professional and enjoyable. We can also help you organize more informal events for your office, from birthday parties to retirement extravaganzas.

We can even help you organize a regular event of whatever sort, such as a monthly potluck karaoke lunch for your employees. Events like these are great for rewarding the hard work of your employees and fostering positive relationships in the workplace.

What Corporate Event Services Does City Nights Disco Offer?2020-08-12T17:08:22+00:00

Our corporate party services vary greatly based on the type of event you intend on hosting. City Nights Disco is passionate about individualizing every event to meet the exact hopes and needs of our clients, meaning that no two parties are the same and that we will work hard to bring your vision to life. Depending on the exact type of event you need, we usually send a corporate DJ to manage the event and provide whatever type of music you would like for the duration of the event.

City Nights Disco can also help organize any speakers or discussions that should occur during the event. We will provide whatever technological equipment is necessary, from a top quality sound system to as many projectors or microphones as you may need.

We will even send along entertainers to really get the party going and make sure everything runs smoothly when necessary. If you are looking for a really big bash, we can also provide you with special effects like a laser light show, a karaoke machine, or LED lighting to bring your party to the next level.

Why Choose City Nights Disco For Your Next Corporate Party in Oxfordshire?2020-08-12T17:08:43+00:00

City Nights Disco can help you break the monotony of the typical workplace and bond with your employees by hosting a fun corporate event in Oxfordshire – whether it is to celebrate your business’ success or to honor a guest. City Nights Disco can help you throw whatever type of corporate event suits your company best, providing all of the personnel and equipment you will need to have a great event.

Having events like this will facilitate communication between your employees and help spread knowledge throughout your organization. What are you waiting for? Throw a themed event today!

City Nights Disco has been hosting corporate events in Oxfordshire for over twenty years, making workplaces into fun celebrations of the successes and accomplishments of both the workers themselves and the overall business.



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Professional mobile disco and dj services

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If you think back to some of the best parties you have ever had the good luck of attending, they all probably have a few things in common. Beyond being packed with good people in a pleasant location, these parties all probably had some unique aspect to them that made them a little different from the normal party you could attend anywhere, any day of the week.

Some of these parties may have even had a specific theme that really enhanced the experience. Adding a theme to a party is a great way to teach an old dog new tricks, so to speak, and have your guests actively participate in the party and its festive atmosphere.

There is no limit to the type of themed parties you can host, with your creativity and dedication to detail going a long way in pulling off a successful themed event.

Many thanks for your services on Saturday night. The whole thing ran very smoothly and the kids had a great time; they have already been discussing next years disco!! Your professional service meant a stress free evening for us for which we were very grateful.

Phil S. Joint 14th Birthday Party

Make lasting memories with your friends, family, and/or colleagues by adding a fun and interactive theme to your next big event. City Nights Disco has been throwing themed events in Oxfordshire for over twenty years. We can help you plan an exciting event in no time!


Thanks to our decades of experience, we are experts in themed event planning. We can transform any venue into an underwater wonderland or a Queen’s palace – whatever works for you. Consider some of these ideas for your next themed event:

  • Space
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Grease, The Movie
  • London Thru The Ages
  • Orient
  • SuperHeroes
  • New York, New York
  • Dickensian
  • Around the World
  • Land of the Fairy Kings
  • James Bond
  • World Sports
  • Tropical Island
  • New Orleans/Jazz
  • Hollywood/Oscars
  • Aztec
  • Wild West
  • African Jungle
  • Fire & Ice

  • Salsa
  • Saucy Seaside

  • Sci-Fi
  • Bollywood
  • Mardis Gras
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Horror
  • Medieval
  • Mad Professors Lab
  • Titanic
  • Circus
  • 70′s
  • 60′s
  • Victorian Fun

  • Fair Casino Royale

  • 50′s Diner
  • Roman

Don’t settle for the same old birthday disco or anniversary party for your next celebration. Use your creativity to make an exciting event with a fun theme to get everyone involved and end the night with smiles on all of your guests’ faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Events Can Have Themes?2020-08-12T17:09:26+00:00

Any type of special event can have a theme if you would like! Themed birthday parties are rising in popularity, as are themed weddings, themed corporate events, and themed conventions. This is due to the fact that themes can add a new face to an otherwise routine topic or event, making this particular type of party something to plan for and resultantly something more memorable and often more enjoyable than other events.

Themed weddings are also great fun, unique, and always result in a beautiful group of photographs that you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come. Adding a theme to a corporate event can breathe some colorful life into an otherwise boring gathering or help show support for a new colleague or work strategy. City Nights Disco can help you figure out how to turn whatever party you are planning into a themed event in Oxfordshire.

What Services Does City Nights Disco Provide for Themed Events?2020-08-12T17:09:49+00:00

We can help you plan your themed event from start to finish. We will work with you to choose a great theme and make sure it works at whatever venue you were hoping to use. We can also suggest costumes or props to help the theme seem as realistic as possible.

For every themed event, we provide a specialized DJ that has experience working with themed events for your guests’ primary age group to make sure that the DJ will be a good fit for your event. All of our DJs come prepared with a state of the art sound system and an individualized mix of music created especially for your party.

Our DJs can choose the music for the event based on the theme, or work with you to find the perfect combination of music to suit your needs. Coming prepared with hundreds of songs, our DJs are always happy to accept song requests throughout the event as well.

Can City Nights Disco Offer Special Efects?2020-08-12T17:10:08+00:00

Our themed event DJs can also bring as many special effects to the party as necessary. We often provide special lighting with lasers or LED options, but can also bring items like bubble machines, smoke machines, or disco balls to enhance your event.

In addition, depending on the needs of your party and theme, we are happy to provide as many assistants and entertainers to help out at the event as you need. City Nights Disco is dedicated to making whatever themed event you have in mind into a reality.

Do something memorable by throwing a themed event in Oxfordshire with help from the party planning experts at City Nights Disco.



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Professional mobile disco and dj services

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School discos are in fact great ways to help kids socialise and—even better—good ways to incentivise hard work and studying. School discos are great rewards that also foster community and school spirit.

Farm School,amazing… the overall performance was absolutely brilliant… we were left in a state of awe… the light show was fantastic and didn’t feel like the school hall at all… thanks, it really was a night to remember.

Donna Finlay. School Disco

City Nights Disco offers school discos in Oxfordshire for kids of all ages and schools of all sizes. We have decades of experience throwing school disco parties, and we pride ourselves on making personalised parties for all of our clients by working closely with the administration to make sure we are meeting all of their needs and providing them with the best party possible.

Why not allow your students to feel proud of their accomplishments, whilst practicing their socialization skills along the way? Don’t get hung up on the diversity in ages or interests of your student body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Fun Ideas for School Discos?2020-08-12T17:10:45+00:00

In our years of experience, we have thrown several types of school disco parties for our clients. We often help develop a party idea that the school already has in mind, but we’re also happy to brainstorm different school disco fancy dress ideas or any type of theme for school discos.

City Nights Disco understands the importance of individualizing a party for the specific culture of the student body. We guarantee that our primary focus will be turning your dream school disco into a reality.

What Types of School Discos Does City Nights Disco Offer?2020-08-12T17:11:06+00:00

We can provide your school with whatever type of party will best suit your students.

This means that we can plan a party for students of any age, whatever group size, and for a variety of celebrations with the exact elements you want in order to cater to your specific pupils. We typically specialise our parties for one age group, choosing the music and activities based on that group’s particular needs.This means that our DJs will play age-appropriate music and plan activities that help kids of that age socialise and enjoy themselves. In the case of older students, we usually avoid too many structured activities and simply let the students let off some steam on their own accord. We can throw a party designed for any one of these groups of students or even design a party that is divided so as to meet the needs of multiple groups of different students.

As these split parties, we dedicate an hour or an hour and a half normally to students of one age. We choose music that is best suited for that group, changing when it is time to focus on another group. We can include as many of these little sections during the event as the school requires. This is often the best solution when a school would like to throw a party for the entire student body even though the students are of significantly different ages.

Throwing these “mini parties” will make it so you do not have to worry about mixing ten year old students with sixteen year olds, a combination that usually results in a lackluster experience for all.

Who Are City Nights Disco’s School Disco DJs?2020-08-12T17:11:29+00:00

Our school DJs have years of experience working with students and children and love interacting with and entertaining younger audiences. They know what type of music is a big hit with the younger generations and how some activities, well-timed, can really help break the ice and stimulate interaction between those who might otherwise be too shy to really socialise.

Our DJs are also happy to manage whatever announcements or discussions should occur at the event, seamlessly mixing them into the school disco atmosphere.Our DJs customise their music playlists for every school disco, reflecting perfectly the tastes of the student body and the mood of the event. They are happy to accept song requests throughout the event as well. We provide a high quality sound system for all of our events, guaranteeing that your guests will be able to hear the tunes throughout your event venue.

We can also bring as many special effects to your school disco as you would like, including a laser light show, disco balls, smoke machines, LED lighting, amongst many other options. We can help you create whatever type of school disco atmosphere you are aiming for.

Why Organise a School Disco For Kids?2020-08-12T17:11:52+00:00

Kids do great when they see that their hard work is appreciated and actually pays off in some recognizable way. Incentives like school discos both reward your students and foster positive community development and peer socialization – all important parts of a child’s complete education.

Throw a school disco in Oxfordshire with the help of City Nights Disco!



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Professional mobile disco and dj services

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The days leading up to your wedding are often some of the most stressful. Despite being the best day of your life in many ways, your wedding almost inevitably involves an incredible amount of planning.

From thinking about the venue, the food, and the entertainment to the smallest details concerning your wedding attire and transport to and fro the reception venue, wedding planning is no simple feat.

Just wanted to say thank you for last Saturday. We had a great night and everyone really enjoyed the music. We have video footage as proof. Who knew our relatives were so good at breakdancing!You were recommended to me by a friend and I won’t hesitate to do the same in the future. Thanks again.

Esther and John. Wedding

Don’t let all the stress of wedding planning take away from your enjoyment of one of the biggest milestones in your life. City Nights Disco has been organizing wedding discos in Oxfordshire for over twenty years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need Help Hosting a Wedding Disco in Oxfordshire?2020-08-12T17:12:29+00:00

If you haven’t already begun thinking about all the details of your wedding, you will be surprised when you discover just how much there is to consider in planning such an important event.

To even begin the process, you have to think about the number of guests you expect to come (versus how many you will invite), the type of venue you would like and whether it will comfortably accommodate all of your guests, what type of food you would like and how it will be served, and a million other considerations. City Nights Disco can help you make these decisions and we can also make sure you don’t forget about less obvious but equally important aspects.

On the big day of the event, City Nights Disco will be there with you throughout your disco wedding to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. We will organize your guests and hired workers so that you don’t have to worry about it. We can organize your speakers and any announcements that you need made during the event as well.

We can take care of all of the execution of events during the wedding if you would like. Why not relax and enjoy the best day of your life and let us worry about the pesky details?

What Types of Wedding Discos Does City Nights Disco Host?2020-08-12T17:12:51+00:00

We are in the business of making people happy. As such, we can help you host almost any type of wedding disco in Oxfordshire. No matter the number of guests you expect to attend or the venue you hope to use, we can personalize our services to help you throw the best wedding possible.

Whether your wedding will be formal or informal or include a reception or simply the ceremony and a small party after the fact, we have experience making these types of weddings as fun and fulfilling as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help you plan your unique wedding disco.

What Services Come with a City Nights Disco Wedding DJ?2020-08-12T17:13:13+00:00

City Nights Disco is dedicated to providing individualized service at all of our parties. This means that we will help you as much as you would like, allowing you to take the reins for whatever aspects you would prefer to manage. For everything else, we can send a wedding DJ with years of experience to manage most of the details wedding.

Our wedding DJs in Oxfordshire are specialized in providing wedding music and will work with you to find the perfect combination of music and activities to keep up the energy at your wedding. Our DJs will design a personalized playlist with your favorite hits and musical genres or take a playlist prepared by you to serenade your guests all night long.

We will provide whatever technological elements you need, like a state of the art sound system to project your tunes throughout your chosen venue, however big, and as many microphones or projectors as you need to achieve the desire effect.

Does City Nights Disco Offer Special Effects?2020-08-12T17:13:34+00:00

City Nights Disco is also happy to provide several types of special effects for your wedding disco in Oxfordshire. We often pair our wedding DJs with a laser-light show that really impresses most guests, but we can also bring any array of special effects like smoke machines, flame pots, or bubble machines to achieve your desired wedding atmosphere.

If your wedding will be more involved, we can also provide as much help in the form of assistance or entertainers to guarantee that your wedding proceeds exactly as we have planned. We will make sure that your wedding is just how you always dreamed it would be.

Don’t let yourself get stressed about your wedding because of the great amount of planning involved in making the wedding disco that you have always dreamed of. City Nights Disco can take all of the pressure of planning away before and during the wedding, leaving you to only enjoy your spouse and all of the guests that have gathered in honor of your new life together. Plan your wedding disco with City Nights Disco in Oxfordshire for a guaranteed great party with none of the stress!

We have helped plan every aspect of weddings, from the beginning to the end, and know what it takes to make a wedding a success for both the marrying couple and the guests.



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Professional mobile disco and dj services

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When was the last time you put a little time and energy into throwing a great birthday party for yourself or a loved one? For most people, the answer is a long, long time ago.

This is normally because you think you don’t have the time to dedicate to such a huge endeavor. Hosting an entertaining and memorable birthday party is no easy feat.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for Saturday night! It was an amazing night and I cannot thank you enough for making my 18th a success! The music was great and everyone has commented on how good it was!Ill make sure to spread the word about the magical Vern!

ED. 18th Birthday Party

You have to think of a theme or style, fret over the guest list, consider food and drink options, figure out if you need a band or a DJ–not to mention actually socialize with your guests and maybe even try to enjoy yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help with Birthday Ideas?2020-08-12T17:14:11+00:00

Thanks to City Nights Disco’s years of experience in Oxfordshire, we are chock full of fun birthday party creativity to give you inspiration when you’re lacking ideas. For example, we can help you design the perfect children’s birthday party for your son or daughter based on whatever their preferences or favorite themes may be.

We can work with you to create the most realistic underwater-themed party, for instance, that you have ever seen! On the other hand, if you are looking to throw yourself or one of your peers the party of a lifetime, we can go as classy or as crazy as you like in whatever type of venue works best for your needs.

At City Nights Disco, we are dedicated to personalizing every party to meet the exact needs of our clients and doing all of the pesky planning and execution so you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your creation.

Who Are the Birthday DJs Of City Nights Disco?2020-08-12T17:14:32+00:00

One of the best parts about planning a birthday party with City Nights Disco is that we have excellent birthday DJs in Oxfordshire who can manage your party while providing great music and entertainment. All of our DJs have at least five years of experience running birthday parties and know exactly what is needed to get a party going.

We recognize the importance of having a DJ with the right energy and experience, which is why we work with an exclusive list of DJs who specialize in various types of parties. If you are looking to throw a children’s party for example, we will make sure to provide you with a DJ who has many years of experience working with kids and who, most importantly, enjoys entertaining children.

The same principle goes for parties for adults. If you’re looking for a DJ for a birthday party, we will match you with the perfect one to match your party’s atmosphere.

What Kind of Music Do Our Birthday DJs Play?2020-08-12T17:14:54+00:00

Our birthday DJs can compile a playlist from your favorite musical genres or artists to serenade you and your guests all night long, or take a pre-composed playlist from you if you already know precisely what type of music would work best. Of course, our birthday DJs are happy to accept song requests throughout the night as well.

For every party, we send a top-quality sound system to accompany our DJ and make sure that your favorite tunes can be heard throughout your birthday party venue. We can also provide you with as many speakers or microphones as you need in order to achieve whatever desired effects you want. Our birthday party DJs are guaranteed to get your party started right!

Can the Birthday Party Have Any Special Effects?2020-08-12T17:15:15+00:00

In addition to a great sound system and fun music, our the DJ for your birthday party can bring as many special effects to the event as you’d like. We often provide a laser light show to accompany the music and really increase the energy of the birthday party. We can also provide a number of other special effects like smoke machines, strobe lights, and disco balls to set the right mood.

Work with us to decide what elements will really make this birthday party a standout success. We can help you decide what would accent your party’s theme well and what is appropriate for the venue and the number of guests. If we don’t have specific special effects that you were hoping to have at your party, we will do our best to help arrange them however possible.

Why Choose City Nights Disco For Your Next Birthday Party in Oxfordshire?2020-08-12T17:15:35+00:00

Why let another year go by with no birthday celebration or a small party that seems like every other you’ve ever attended? Celebrate life and the successes of the last year in the company of friends and family with a unique birthday party that will be hard for anyone to forget anytime soon

Let City Nights Disco in Oxfordshire make sure your dream birthday party goes off without any problems and that you, the host, can actually sit back and enjoy your handiwork with your guests instead of stressing over the details. Plan your next birthday party with City Nights Disco today!

Luckily, City Nights Disco in Oxfordshire has been helping people organize amazing parties for over twenty years. We know what goes into party planning and we are experts at turning whatever type of party you have been dreaming about into a reality



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Are you tired of attending the same old parties again and again? There is often a lackluster band or DJ, an awkward space for dancing, some watered-down drinks and, if you are lucky, some sort of activity to fight off the almost inevitable boredom that ensues.

For whatever reason, many events that are supposed to be entertaining are just repetitive and unstimulating.

Can i just pass on my thanks to City Nights Disco and the DJ’s for Saturday night. They were absolutely awesome and everybody commented on how good it was. We would definately recommend you to anyone who wants a DJ and will hopefully in the future be using your company again. Thank you for all you help and assistance in everything.

Tracy and Tony. Disco with Karaoke, for a 50th Birthday Party

Break the monotony by planning a much more exciting karaoke disco in Oxfordshire with City Nights Disco.

We have been helping spice up parties in the Oxfordshire area for over twenty years, individualising all of our events to meet the specific needs and wants of our various clients.

We can transform any event by making it into a karaoke disco party, adding an element of interaction and entertainment that is rarely seen in today’s plethora of cookie-cutter events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sorts of Events Can Become Karaoke Discos in Oxfordshire?2020-08-12T17:16:17+00:00

City Nights Disco can add karaoke to practically whatever type of event or party you are planning. One of our most popular requests is to provide karaoke disco hire services for birthday parties for people of all ages.

Karaoke at a birthday party is a great way to break the ice among guests who may not know each other, setting the stage for a light-hearted party to be filled with laughter and enjoyment. Karaoke can even be ideal for corporate events or your weekly employee potluck, letting everyone relax just the right amount and really get to know each other.

Karaoke discos are even big hits at children’s disco parties because they allow everyone to take centre stage, if only for a few minutes. Talk to us about how we can make your next event into a karaoke disco.

DJ or Band?2020-08-12T17:16:39+00:00

Many parties and events can be boring because the band that was organised to serenade your guests throughout the event can only play a limited number of songs within one or two genres of music. Party DJs are often much better choices for entertainment just for this reason – they bring thousands of songs from several different types of musical styles without having to worry about carrying tons of equipment or finding an incredibly versatile band.

City Nights Disco often provides karaoke DJs for hire at events to manage the karaoke and play music during intervals, controlling the crowd with the right tone of music at the right times

.If you have already organised another form of music entertainment or were just hoping for the karaoke disco experience, we also offer karaoke disco for hire with no problems. We can give you all the karaoke equipment you need, including up to four microphones, a projection screen for the lyrics, and a quality sound system to project the music at a conveniently low price. Whatever your needs, City Nights Disco can help you find a solution.

How Does City Nights Disco Structure Karaoke Discos?2020-08-12T17:17:00+00:00

If you opt for the full City Nights Disco karaoke disco experience, we will take care of all of the details of your event from start to finish. We can help you plan the entire event, even providing you with karaoke party ideas or themes if you would like.

On the big day of the event, we will send an experienced karaoke DJ to your venue with as many entertainers as needed to support the planned activities of the event. All of our DJs come prepared to these events with a great sound system that is guaranteed to have your guests jamming to the music in every corner of your venue.We can also bring any number of special effects to your event to accompany the DJ and karaoke.

We often provide an awe-inspiring laser light show for parties that are looking to really reflect the disco atmosphere, but we can also bring extras like disco balls, smoke machines, and bubble machines if we think they would enhance your party. We will make sure to provide you with as much personnel as you need to manage these effects and activities without any problems. Talk to us about all the special effects we have to offer to find the perfect combination for your karaoke disco.

Why Choose Nights Disco For Your Next Karaoke Disco?2020-08-12T17:17:20+00:00

Stop throwing the same old party over and over again. Stand out from the crowd with a karaoke DJ for hire or a karaoke disco for hire from City Nights Disco in Oxfordshire. We promise to work closely with you to make whatever type of event you have in mind into a reality with our array of available services and our expert staff.

We can help you break down social barriers and create party memories like never before with a lively karaoke disco. Make memories with us at your next event by making it a karaoke disco!

Make your next event stand out by adding karaoke!



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It is often rather difficult to predict what teenagers want and need when they themselves change their minds every other day. We all know this is a part of growing up, but it can still make things like party planning a bit more complicated than we would prefer.

Don’t let something like this prevent you from hosting a great teen disco for your child, however.

Eloise had a fabulous 13th birthday, with her friends, great music and professional lighting and special effects. It looked like a real nightclub!! She had great fun, and I would like to thank you for their professionalism and coping with 45 noisy teenage girls….well done!

Tracy P. Teen Disco

City Nights Disco has over twenty years of experience customizing parties to the needs of teenagers so that you can still celebrate a special occasion with your growing teen without having to worry too much over the pesky details or running around too much during the party.

City Nights Disco’s teen discos, intended for kids from about nine years old to twelve or thirteen years old, are great ways to share a beautiful experience with your family and friends in a stress-free manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Teen Discos does City Nights Disco Offer?2020-08-12T17:18:35+00:00

Our main priority is making our clients happy. This means that we personalize every party to the exact needs and desires of our clients and their guests. No two City Nights Disco parties are alike. We can help you come up with kids party ideas if you are suffering from a lack of creativity, pulling from our decades of experience in teen discos to find exactly the type of celebration that best suits you and your child.

We can help you throw a themed birthday party, a celebratory party, or any sort of event that will bring your family and friends closer together. If you already have a good idea of what you are looking for, we will work closely with you to make it teen-friendly and realistic for your number of guests, venue, and price range.

Who Will Manage a Teen Disco in Oxfordshire?2020-08-12T17:18:58+00:00

Our teen discos are managed by a DJ specialized in teen entertainment. Our DJs have years of experience entertaining kids of this age and know how to balance the sometimes conflicting needs of this age group.

They will create a playlist based on the newest hits or you and your child’s favorite artists or genres, or happily take a playlist you create to spin throughout the event. Our DJs always take requests throughout the disco and make sure to bring the highest quality sound system that can project your chosen music all over your party venue.

What Activities Can Be Included?2020-08-12T17:19:18+00:00

Our DJs can organize as many activities, games, and contests for your teen disco as you would like. For parties with guests in this age range, we normally like to have a couple of activities planned so that the kids don’t get bored or worse, awkward, with too much unstructured free time. We can do a few icebreakers or friendly contests to get the teens moving and interacting, removing any of the uncomfortableness that often accompanies kids in these new social situations.

We will also make sure to send as many entertainers to your party as necessary to make sure all of your guests will feel included and have a chance to participate. You can even make the games a bit of a competition by buying small prizes – a great way to get the excitement going. If you like this option, make sure you buy enough party favors for everyone so that no one feels left out!

Are There Any Special Effects?2020-08-12T17:19:39+00:00

We can also include as many special effects for the evening to accompany your theme or accent any announcements. A popular option is a laser light show to accompany the DJ’s great tunes and awe your guests.

We can also bring things like strobe lights, disco balls, bubble machines, and flame pots to really create a teen disco atmosphere. Talk to us about all of our special effects options, and for some advice on what would work best for your party.

What Are You Waiting For?2020-08-12T17:19:59+00:00

Opportunities to make incredible memories with your teenage daughter or son and all of your family and friends are unfortunately few and far between. Don’t waste any more time – throw a party in honor of your child, be it for their birthday, a good grade in math, or a great season in little league. You don’t have to wait for a once in a lifetime event to appreciate your family and friends.

Letting City Nights Disco in Oxfordshire help you plan and execute this party is the best way to make the most of the event without any of the stress of organization or running after dozens of kids on the big night. It is hard to really enjoy yourself with all that responsibility, so we will do it for you. Talk to one of our representatives about organizing the best teen disco your family has ever seen!

How can we make your child’s dream party come true?



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Watching your child’s joy at their first big party is an experience not to miss. Throwing your young son or daughter a party in celebration of their birthday or an important success in their lives is an incredible way to help your child become established in their community with their peers and to bond with their family.

Many parents avoid hosting extensive parties for their children because they recognize the incredible amount of work that goes into the planning and execution of children’s parties.

Just want to say a big thank you for all your hard work on Saturday. The kids absolutely loved the disco especially my little Yasmin and we musn’t forget the adults too. I will definitely recommending you to my friends, not just for childrens parties but for grown-up celebrations too. Many thanks

Michelle. Joint 5th Birthday

Luckily, City Nights Disco has been helping parents in Oxfordshire make memories with their kids for over twenty years. We are party specialists who focus on individualizing parties to the unique needs of our clients, whatever they may be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Discos for Children Does City Nights Disco Offer?2020-08-12T17:20:37+00:00

We are in the business of making people happy. This means that we can help you organize whatever type of children’s party you would like. To make sure we get your party right, we have categorized our kids’ parties based on age groups, since age tends to be the biggest deciding factor in the type of entertainment that will be best for your guests.

Our children’s parties are best for young kids from about four years old to around eight or nine years old. If your child is a bit older, check out our Teen Parties or our Young Adult Parties!

That being said, we can design whatever type of children’s disco you have in mind. We have worked with several types of themes and party ideas in the past, making a venue seem like a princess’s kingdom or a superhero’s playground easily at our clients’ request. If you aren’t sure what type of party would be best for your child, we have a stockpile of great party themes to give you some inspiration.

We can also help you understand exactly what sort of party tends to work best for your child’s age group, the number of guests you expect to have, and the venue you have in mind. We will work with you to craft the perfect party to meet your needs and expectations.

Who Are Our Children’s Disco DJs?2020-08-12T17:21:00+00:00

We send a DJ to all of our parties to manage the event and play great music throughout the disco. Our children’s DJs are specialized in children’s entertainment, with years of experience partying with the young ones. Even more importantly, we make sure that all of our children’s DJs are doing the job because they truly enjoy working disco parties for children – a significant quality that can make a big difference in how they run the party and interact with the children.

Our Children’s DJs in Oxfordshire come prepared with a playlist of kid-friendly music to get your guests jamming and laughing, or they can take artists and musical genres from you and create a playlist tailored specifically to you and your child’s favorite tunes. No two parties are the same, and our DJs will make sure that the music at your party suits you and your child’s tastes perfectly, and is perfect for any disco for children.

What Activities Can Be Organized?2020-08-12T17:22:07+00:00

At City Nights Disco, we understand that young children need a great deal of entertainment to stay occupied and focused. For this reason, our Children’s DJs are happy to organize as many interactive games and activities throughout the party as you would like. In fact, we will also send helpers along with the DJ to make sure that all of your young guests are catered to and have the opportunity to interact.

Depending on the type of party you are hosting, we can organize group dances or games as warm-ups and icebreakers. We can mix a few contests or fun competitions into the event as well. If you would like to have us organize events like this, we suggest buying small prizes like toys or candy to give to the winners of each game. It is important that you have at least one prize for every child present – that way everyone can feel like a winner at some point, and no one goes home empty handed.

Are There Any Special Effects?2020-08-12T17:22:26+00:00

Our DJs can bring some special effects to your children’s party to complement its theme. We offer extras from such as stunning laser light shows, LED mood lighting, smoke machines and disco balls to enhance the effect of the party. Whatever you need to make your party perfect for your child, we can help you organize.

No matter the cause for celebration, the number of guests, or your ideal theme, City Night Disco is here to help you plan an unforgettable children’s disco in Oxfordshire. Don’t get bogged down in the details of planning and taking care of dozens of young children at your daughter or son’s party.

Don’t let more time go by without celebrating your child’s successes or birthdays – let us do all the tedious work of party planning so that you can just sit back and enjoy the celebration with your family!



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Most kids look forward to their birthdays months in advance as one of the biggest events in the year. We can all remember these days fondly, when things were just a bit more simple.

Why not indulge in your daughter or son’s wildest celebration fantasies and finally throw them a party they’ll never forget?

In fact, you don’t even need to wait for their birthdays to roll around. You can celebrate their good grades at school, acceptance into a competitive program, or just their great personality by throwing them a party and inviting all of your family and their friends from the community.

Hi, just wanted to say thank you as your guys did a great job for my daughters birthday party all the kids really enjoyed it, Many thanks

Jen K. Lily’s 5th Birthday Party

Remember: you don’t need an excuse to spend quality time with your children, but you should have a pretty good reason for not taking advantage of their quickly-disappearing youth with an unforgettable party!

City Nights Disco knows how important it is for you to create these sorts of memories with your children and has been throwing kids’ disco parties in Oxfordshire for over twenty years just for this reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Kids’ Disco Appropriate for Your Child?2020-08-12T17:23:47+00:00

There is no doubt that a five year old will prefer one type of party and a fifteen year old would choose another. Because we recognize that a child’s age has a huge effect on their party preferences and social capabilities, we have divided our kids’ discos into three different types, divided by age. We offer:

Children’s Discos for kids between the ages of 4 and 9.

Teens Discos for children aged 9-13.

Young Adult Discos for kids over 13 years old but not quite adults yet.

Each of these types of parties has our basic offering of music and entertainment, but the way we structure the event, the type of music we have, and the activities we prepare vary by age group. Dividing kids’ parties in this way makes it much easier for you to identify what type of party would be best for your daughter or son and what sorts of entertainment they would find most stimulating.

All of our kids’ discos in Oxfordshire can be traditional, simple birthday or celebratory parties, but we’re more than happy to spice them up by centering them around a specific theme. We are able to work with whatever theme you may have in mind to make the music, activities, venue, and every aspect of your party adhere to your theme.

If you’re planning a themed party but have yet to settle on an idea, we can provide you with dozens of suggestions that might be exactly what you are looking for. We want our clients to have the most personalized kids’ disco experience possible.

What Happens at one of our Kids’ Disco Events?2020-08-12T17:24:08+00:00

Although it largely depends on the age group of your child and the type of disco we are asked to organize, we always provide the most important things to our kids’ parties. We always send a DJ with several years of experience working with children of that age group who really enjoy entertaining kids

.Our DJs are there not only to manage the event, but to really up the energy and get everyone involved and smiling. They can come prepared with a playlist of the latest hits or take your favorite artists or musical genres and compose a personalized playlist just for you and your child.Our DJs can also take as many song requests throughout the disco as well. We always send a top-quality sound system to accompany our DJs that can project the music and games throughout your entire venue.

Are There Any Special Effects?2020-08-12T17:24:28+00:00

Our Kids’ DJs are also happy to provide special effects for your party. They can bring along disco balls, strobe lights, LED lights, and any number of other fun effects that can really spice up your party. In addition, depending on the age group of your guests, our DJs can work with helpers to organize activities, games, and contests throughout the event.

These are great especially for younger kids whose attention spans are shorter and who may have trouble socializing on their own. No matter the age, we can facilitate interaction and make sure all of your guests feel included and enjoy themselves. If you would like, you can even buy small prizes or candy to up the ante and really get the kids going. Just make sure you buy enough for everyone to partake in the fun.

Why Organise a Kid’s Disco?2020-08-12T17:24:53+00:00

You should enjoy your children before they become too old to want to hang out with Mom and Dad – something that usually happens all too quickly. Host your child a great birthday disco or celebratory party to show them how much you care and give them a chance to socialize with their friends and family.

Making memories with your kids is something you will never regret. City Nights Disco is here to help you make all of these plans into a reality in the easiest way possible with our disco parties for kids.

We are experts in discos for kids of all ages with a dedication to individualizing every party to meet the specific needs and desires of our clients.


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