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If you are planning a Special Event, odds are you want it to be as Unique and Memorable as possible.

A great way to spice up any type of special event and give it a truly personal touch is by adding LED mood lighting and up-lighting. LED mood lighting systems can splash your venue with whatever colors you choose or a specific array of colors, adding to your event’s theme or color motif.

Up-lighting is a specific type of mood lighting that points LED lighting up along the walls or other areas of your venue, adding incredible visual effects to what may otherwise be a rather boring space. With LED mood lighting and up-lighting, we can paint your venue with light!

Up-lighting is ideal for theme matching or colour-washing and is a highly effective way of making any venue look even more fantastic.

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How can you enhance your Party with Sound and Lighting hire Service?

The effect produced by LED mood lighting has to be seen to be believed. It will add a classy ambiance and bring any venue to life. It will add to absolutely any occasion and help create the perfect environment for your party or wedding.

The mood and up-lighting system units we use are LED and can be set to almost any colour.

Mood lighting can remain static all night to create a colour wash, or they can be set to change slowly between any chosen colours, set to flash dramatically in time with the music. Any combination of the above settings can be used and changed throughout the night as the mood of the party changes.

For example, changing the mood lighting slowly and subtly during reception, to static during a wedding ceremony, and then on to flashing during the dancing later on.

What sort of Mood Lighting Systems does City Nights Disco offer?

We are dedicated to providing our customers with whatever type of event lighting hire they need. For LED mood lighting, we usually provide a floor-mounted system to offer the best lighting effect. Our systems have their own small stands which allow us to angle them in any direction. Afraid that these incredible party accessories may be out of your price range?

At just £12.50 each, or eight for the price of six, we are confident you will be able to achieve the desired up-lighting you were hoping for at a price well within your budget.

If you want to get really fancy, you can even link up your LED mood lighting to a DMX controller to increase their responsivity to one another and showcase their fullest range of options and effects for only £15 each, plus £15 for the controller and as always, eight for the price of six (including a free controller hire with this option).

Here’s a link to the units we supply and recommend:

Why consider Disco Lighting hire from City Nights Disco?

City Nights Disco will work closely with you to provide whatever party services you need for your event. This includes professional DJ services, high quality sound systems, technological offerings, and a number of special effects. We’ll totally personalize your event in an easy and affordable way that your guests will not be able to quickly forget.

We can also help if you are looking for other types of special effects.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the party industry, we can help you procure whatever special effects you need. We typically use special effect equipment like disco balls, smoke machines, and flame pots. Even more, our mood lighting system units are small and unobtrusive. Please let us know if you have any questions about our lighting hire by calling us in Reading at (0118) 9421792 today!