Club DJ’s for hire in the UK – for all occasions

We work with UK’s toughest and loudest club DJ’s in the UK!

You cannot underestimate the importance of having a great DJ to get a party started and keep it pumping all night long. City Nights Disco has a team of high quality professional club DJs for hire who can create the perfect blend of club tunes to suit you and your guests. All of our club DJs for hire have years of experience playing the type of music you love in just the sort of venues you are looking for.

Your club DJ for hire will love socializing with all types of people and understand that their primary job is simply to make you and all your guests have the night of the lives! The beauty of hiring a professional club dj for hire with us is that our club DJs won’t cost more than our normal party DJs.

Areas We Serve:

Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire.

Why use one of City Nights Disco’s Club DJ’s for hire?

You can hire one of our specialist club DJs with a full high quality sound system and light show, or just hire the DJ without any additional kit if your venue has its own system already in place.

City Nights Disco is dedicated to providing whatever club party services you need to organize the party of your dreams, so just let us know what you have in mind and we can make it into a reality. Thanks to our over twenty years of experience in the party organizing scene, we have no shortage of resources and creative ideas for your party.

We can even help you plan an ornate themed club party for those of you looking to really make a unique splash!

What sets our Club DJ’s for hire apart?

At City Nights Disco, we understand that mixing your choice of club music perfectly and seamlessly is what club DJing is all about. The styles of club music we play is completely up to you – our DJs never use the same playlist twice. Your club DJ hire will work closely with you to design the perfect individualized playlist to suit your tastes and needs.

You can even send us a list of your favourite club tunes to play so that your club DJ for hire is sure to get your favorite tunes and artists on the playlist. Personalization of music and party vibe is what we do best.

Also, don’t forget to let us know if you want a vocal DJ (on the mic) or you would like to just let the music do the talking. Your club DJ hire will also be happy to accept last minute requests throughout the night, made easy by the thousands of songs they will undoubtedly come prepared to your party with.

What types of club music can your Club DJ hire play?

Below are some of the club styles we can play for you and remember – if you like more than one style, that is more than fine. Our club DJs for hire are experts at mixing several different musical styles into one energetic mix!

Check out this list for a few ideas of the types of music we commonly play at our club parties, but feel free to add whatever genre you and your guests love most. You can have a fusion of any of your preferred types of music throughout the night or have different styles at played at various times during your party.

It’s all part of our Club DJ service!

  • 70’s Club

  • 80’s Club

  • 90’s Club
  • 00’s Club
  • Breaks
  • Chart
  • Chart Remixes
  • Club Classics (any era)
  • Deep House
  • Disco (12″ Classics)
  • Drum & Bass
  • Dubstep
  • Electo
  • Funky House
  • Garage (Classic Soulful)
  • Garage (Funky)
  • Garage (Speed)
  • Garage (UK)
  • Grime
  • Hardcore
  • Hard Dance
  • Hard House
  • Hip-Hop

  • House
  • Ibiza (Classics)
  • Ibiza (Current)
  • Jungle
  • Minimal
  • Motown
  • Northern Soul
  • Old-Skool
  • Progressive
  • Rave
  • RnB
  • Rock
  • Retro
  • Soulful House
  • Tech-House
  • Techno
  • Trance
  • Vocal House

We have the perfect PRO CLUB DJ for your party!

Professional mobile disco and dj services

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What is included with a Club DJ hire?

City Nights Disco can organize whatever type of party package you need to get your party going. If you simply need a club DJ hire, we can easily send you the perfect person to meet your needs.

In addition to club DJ’s for hire, we can also provide a state of the art sound system that is guaranteed to blast your chosen tunes throughout your venue. Your club DJ for hire will also be happy to bring along an incredible laser light show to impress your guests and really get them in the club mood.

We can also provide any number of other special effects to meet your needs, from smoke machines to disco balls. If we don’t commonly offer some prop or special effect, we can work with you to make sure you have it for your club party.

We have the perfect PRO CLUB DJ for your party!

Our prices include a Professional DJ, a high quality sound system, a full light-show and any or all of our array of special effects, and we’ll play your very own choice of music too!

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