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City Nights Disco specialises in high quality entertainment and we can help you to organise your ideal Silent Disco in Reading. When it comes to organising silent discos, you can rely on City Nights Disco to work with you to create a memorable event that your guests are sure to love.

Let our professional DJs help you with the playlist and listen to your favourite songs on our top-quality headphones. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to throw a birthday party, celebrate an anniversary or host a corporate event, City Nights Disco can help you throw the best silent disco Reading has ever seen!

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Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Oxon, Wiltshire, Middlesex, London.

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With so many customisation options, you can create the event you have always wanted. Let us draw on our extensive experience of event and party planning to take the stress out of the planning so you can focus on dancing the night away with your friends, family or colleagues.

What is a Silent Disco?

For those that have never heard of a Silent Disco, it might seem a little bit unusual at first but the idea actually couldn’t be simpler, each guest gets a pair of headphones and these play music.

The idea is that everyone hears the same music in their headphones and can dance along to the songs without any music playing out loud.

How Can a Silent Disco Make My Event Unique?

There are a few different reasons why silent disco hire could be perfect for you. If your location doesn’t allow loud music late into the night, making use of a silent disco could extend your party hours considerably.

Practical reasons aside, this is also a really fun and novel party idea that works for all ages. You can have an entirely silent disco or add it as a bolt on to one of our other disco packages to add a fun twist to your event.

You can also have up to 3 different types of music playing at once as our state of the art headphones accommodate up to 3 channels that you can program any type of music on to.

Silent Disco hire is popular for all types of events and works for any type of event, from a school re-union to a birthday party, a silent disco will make your event one to remember.

Who Picks the Music?

This is completely up to you! With so many flexible options when it comes to music choice you can be sure that you will be listening to great music all night long.

If you want to pick the playlist, you certainly can. Match it to a theme; choose your favourite songs or simple play at being DJ by choosing your own playlist.

You can also work with one of our professional DJs to create the perfect party playlist or if you want to be surprised you can leave it in the hands of one of our professional DJs who will pick some great songs that everyone will love.

Are Silent Discos Easy to Organise?

Silent disco hire couldn’t be simpler, you can either have us come and operate the equipment and ensure that all the headsets are handed out.

Alternatively if you wanted to do it all yourself, that is fine, we can deliver the equipment to your door, give you a demo of how to use it and then arrange to pick it up when you are done.

We also offer some of the best silent disco hire prices in the area, so you can be sure you are getting value for money when you work with City Nights Disco.

The top quality headphones we provide mean that you can be sure that the headphones will play crisp high quality sound all night long.

We know that not everyone loves the same music, so they also operate at 3 different frequencies meaning that you could offer your guests some different music options at the same time.

Professional mobile disco and dj services

Just complete a quick enquiry form that will help us understand your requirements!

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How Can City Nights Discos Make my Night Even More Memorable?

Not only offering music solutions, we can also offer you lighting and other party items to make your event one of a kind and have people talking about it for a long time.

We can offer you custom lighting options for your event, everything from laser light shows and disco balls are available and we can work with you to make sure you have the perfect party package.

If you are outside of the Reading area, we can still work together to create a memorable silent disco. You can also find us in Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Oxon, Wiltshire, Middlesex and London.

If a silent disco sounds like your idea of a good time or you simply what to know more, give us a call on 0118 9421792 for more information or a quote.