Television viewers are bombarded with ads every 10 minutes of a program. The same goes for Internet browsing. It seems like every other site you visit has some kind of popup ad or the small banners on the side with a catchy message to try to entice you to click the image.

Most people find these advertisements annoying though every now and then you find one that you actually find quite entertaining. This may be because you are actually intrigued by the product being promoted or simply because you find the ad humorous or touching. Regardless, you actually watch the commercial from start to finish and get a kick out of it.

Alcohol manufacturers must have some really great PR staff on their team because they always seem to manage to produce ads that really catch our eyes. Not only do people watch the commercial in its entire duration but may even actively search for it on video share sites.

The Top Alcohol Ad Campaigns of 2013


This is a really touchy-feely type of commercial, which is strange for a beer ad but is nevertheless effective. The ad begins with several paraplegics playing basketball. After the game ends, all but one player gets off their wheelchair and begins high fiving one another.

It turns out only one of the guys is actually disabled and the rest were merely putting themselves in their friend’s shoes for a friendly game. Afterwards, they are all seen at a bar toasting to a glass of Guiness beer. Yup, definitely not your average beer commercial though it delivers its message effectively and may even evoke a few tears in the process.


You know a commercial was not cheap to produce when it casts a celebrity. This is exactly what Miller did when they casted Hangover actor Ken Jeong. The ad features several friends drinking and Ken Jeong tagging along and seemingly attracting a crowd including gorgeous women. It is exactly Ken Jeong’s popularity that earns this commercial a spot in this list. Had an unknown face been cast instead, the ad would have been easily forgettable.

Molson Canadian

As the name suggests, Molson Canadian has origins in the Great White North. Its 2013 ad, however, will surely bring forth a sense of patriotism and love for your country no matter where you are from. In the commercial, a red refrigerator is placed throughout different points in Europe.

The fridge is locked with a message that its contents can only be accessed by someone with a Canadian passport. As spectators gather around, one man finally steps forward with a passport and enters it into a slot. Within seconds, the fridge door opens and everyone celebrates as they find it is filled with Molson Canadian beer.


This one is not really a commercial and is actually a campaign that films the reaction of real people put in an awkward situation; there are no actors here. Basically, a station sponsored by Heineken is set up in the form of a roulette machine at an airport.

People who participate are given an all-expense paid trip though the location is determined randomly by the press of a button. Participants, should they agree to accept the challenge, will have to abandon their current travel plans and leave for their new destination right then and there. The whole campaign was to promote Heineken’s new “open your world” slogan.

Why People Like Alcohol Commercials

Alcohol is one of those beverages consumed when you are with friends. It is more than a beverage; it is also a symbol of socializing and fully experiencing the good things in life, such as having companions to rely on and enjoying the happy moments to the fullest.

Some beer commercials exploit this factor and use imagery that evokes strong emotions associated with pleasure. Others may incorporate humor, which is also effective as it makes the segment more memorable.

The most effective alcohol marketing campaigns also get people sharing the ad through social networks and mobile devices, thus help spreading their message. Clever ads get people talking, redistributing the video and writing posts like this one because they are worth mentioning for their sheer genius of generating consumer interest.