Games, Competitions and Spot-Prizes for Children

As well as all of the usual interaction, including joining in and demonstrating some of the the moves to certain songs, we’ll be happy to organise Games, Competitions, Spot-Prizes and any other activities you’d like to suggest as part of the Disco.

We would love to receive any feedback from you about the types of things you or the Children attending would like us to include (or exclude).Whether or not to do ‘Pass-the-Parcel’ is a great example of gaining feedback in advance direct from the young Party Host / Hostess… some 7 or 8Yr olds will love Pass-the Parcel, whilst some 6Yr olds will tell you they’re too grown-up for this game!

There are lots of web-sites of games ideas on the Internet if you’d like some ideas.For games, we tend to primarily play ‘Musical’ based games as these tend to work best with a Disco!The Children might like Musical Chairs, Musical Bumps, Musical Statues or Musical Stumps, but they may well consider themselves to be too grown up for some or all of these.The most popular games with older Children and Teens are ‘Corners’ ‘Musical Stumps’ and  ‘Arches’.Another popular choice for most ages is the ‘Limbo’. This can be done even if it’s not been requested in advance and we haven’t got a Limbo stick with us, there’s always a broom in the cupboard at the venue which works just fine!

We will often organise the guests into teams for age-relevant team games.

Dance-Offs for are a huge hit with slightly older kids too (usually Boys v Girls).

Spot-Prizes can be given out for absolutely anything, including Best / Most Original Dancer, Best / Loudest Singer, Best Dressed / Coolest Dressed… and for older kids, if a slow-dance is requested, ‘First-Couple’ or ‘Best-Couple’.

Spot-Prizes can be judged and / or presented by the DJ, or indeed by our young Party Host / Hostess if they want to get involved and ‘be in charge’ of Prizes…. and they often do!

If we don’t receive any feedback in advance about your wishes, we’ll simply ‘play it by ear’ on the day and work with feedback from the Host / Hostess and their young guests as the Party progresses.

Typical games include:

  • Musical Bumps
  • Musical Statues
  • Musical Stumps
  • Musical Chairs
  • Corners
  • Arches
  • Limbo
  • Snowball

etc…. and an array of ‘team games’, balloon or orange passing, relays, ‘Wrap The Mummy’ (just supply plenty of Toilet Rolls!), X-Factor style Talent Competition, etc.

For more info on any of these, please contact me.

We will also include any or all of the following to suit the ages in attendance:

  • Best or ‘Most Original’ Dancer
  • Best or Loudest Singer
  • Best Dressed / Coolest Dressed
  • Person trying the hardest- we will always give Prizes for Children who are ‘trying their best’!
  • Best Air Guitar / Air Drummer
  • Best or Most Original Break Dancer / Street Dancer / Gymnast
  • Fun Dance-Offs
  • Locomotion / Conga
  • Limbo

… and may more! We’ll also be happy organising all manner of Competitions and handing out ‘Spot-Prizes’ for absolutely anything that will be fun and will suit the ages attending.

You can of course suggest any of your own ideas for Games, Competitions or Spot-Prizes. We’ll be very happy including and organising / playing any of your own suggestions and handing out Prizes for anything you’d like to suggest too.

Prizes For Children

The only thing we’ll ask you to provide on the day will be some Prizes for us to give out to the winners of any activities we’re doing.Prizes are a sure-fire way of keeping the attention of Children throughout the Disco.You can spend as little or as much as you like on Prizes, but a multi-bag or two of fun-size Mars-bar or Haribo type sweets is usually more than sufficient.

We will give out whatever you supply us with as Prizes- but around 2 mini Prizes per child is probably a good number to aim for.

If you’d prefer us not to give out sweets, then things like Medals, Pencils and Fun Stationary or Stickers are a good alternative.

In most cases, lots of small Prizes or sweets (plenty to go around) certainly works better than spending the same amount on a fewer number of ‘larger’ Prizes.This is to ensure that there are enough prizes to go round and to enable everybody to win something.We will always do our best to make sure every young child wins at least one Prize!

You may also wish to consider wrapping up a ‘pass-the-parcel’ or two for younger children.This is a guaranteed hit with children aged up to about 6Yrs, but for 6 or 7Yr olds, always ask if they do or don’t like the idea of this Game. To make life easy for us, it’s a great idea to colour-code the wrappings if the Prizes inside are aimed at Boys or Girls… and always try to make the last wrapper distinctive.If you have a larger number of Children attending, then this game can be time-consuming, so it can be a great idea to wrap 2 separate Parcels and we’ll have them both going round (usually one in each direction) at the same time.Alternatively, we can have a Boys Circle and a Girls Circle if you have fairly equal numbers attending.

I’ll recommend at least 2 mini prizes per child for us to be able to give prizes out constantly and to help us keep the children’s attention!… E.g. 25 kids, at least 50 Prizes (2 x 25 bags of Sweets / Stickers etc.

Providing bigger ‘Main’ prizes is completely optional

If you want to supply some bigger ‘Main’ prizes this is up to you, but there is no need to supply anything more than plenty of sweets or mini-prizes.

A good place to look for ‘Main’ prizes is the local “99p” or “Pound Shop”!

We can give out Main Prizes (if supplied) at any time for any winners of anything we’re doing. If we don’t have any ‘Main’ prizes, we can give out Mini-Prizes in exactly the same way and for the same things… as in most cases the fact that they’ve ‘Won’ normally more than over-shadows the actual prize itself!

As a guide for you, we’ll probably get through between 2 and 5 games at a typical Children’s Disco. We can give out a sweet or a Main Prize for Game or Competition Winners or as a Spot Prize for any reason and at any time.

Ideas for Main prizes include the Best Dressed Boy / Girl, the Best Boy / Girl Dancer, Best / Loudest Boy / Girl Singer of the day, the Boy / Girl who’s been ‘trying the hardest’…. etc.

If you’d like to supply main prizes then between 4 and 10 Main Prizes might be a good number to suggest.

We’ll find ways of giving out whatever you’ve given us to hand out as Prizes.

We can supply Prizes for a small charge if you so wish- please contact me if you’d like us to supply Prizes.