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Hiring the wedding vendors is often a lengthy, complex process. You have to interview each potential vendor personally in order to determine if they’re the right fit for you. It’s important to ask the right questions, as that will help you find out everything you need to know about your vendors.The venue and food are important, but it’s the after-party that most of your guests will remember. Hiring a good DJ is a great way to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves once the wedding toasts are given and the wedding dinner is eaten. Want to be sure you’ve got the right wedding DJ? Here are a few questions to […]

Glancing through wedding magazines will inundate you with images from some of the world’s most extraordinary weddings. What do all of these weddings have in common? Beyond having larger budgets than the average person, they include a long list of activities and perks for both the wedding couple and their guests throughout the event. If we look at the weddings of one of the world’s best known wedding planners, Colin Cowie, they are planned down to the most intimate detail to make them unique events never to be forgotten. What Makes a Wedding Extraordinary? What designers like Colin Cowie figured out a long time ago is that personalizing a wedding […]

Given the amount of time and energy you probably put into planning your own wedding or that of your loved one, you’ll want the memories from that special day to last a lifetime. What better way to do that than to take advantage of professional Video Disco services to personalize your wedding or wedding anniversary party in a way you can never forget? Video Disco services can help you in two ways. Firstly, they can add a festive element to the event itself, helping everyone to stay engaged and excited about the party and all of the wonderful people attending. Secondly, including these services at your wedding can serve as a […]

The marital union of two people is a moment of celebration, and no celebration is complete without drinks. There are various cocktail mixes that make wonderful beverages for the adult attendees partaking in this joyous occasion. There really is no specific type of drink that absolutely must be served at a wedding as everyone has their own tastes and preferences. However, there are a few recipes that are considered signature favorites and are best served during celebratory events. These can be served with dinner or be made upon request at the bar. Here is a selection of welcome drinks for wedding: Popular Wedding Cocktail Drinks The following are some great drink […]

Weddings are dedicated occasions to celebrating love, but there’s nothing about love that excludes opulence and luxury, now is there? Celebrities and high-class socialites alike are renowned for their extravagance when it comes to hosting wedding parties, with invitees exceeding a thousand, flowers from the most exotic locales, gowns worth more than their homes, and beautiful dance floors invigorated with music from the hottest DJs and recording artists. We have to give them credit when it comes to the attention to detail and when it comes to knowing how to throw a good party! These weddings were all notable in that their guests danced the night away. Some because they […]