May 20, 2013

Updates To Website

Posted By Vernon Francis

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At last, all of the work on our new website is finally coming together, and with our Testimonials now divided into categories, it has made it very easy for you to find out what our customers have been saying about us for each specific type of Disco. I’m so very happy to say that we receive so much great feedback. It’s always awesome to pick up emails telling us how well we’ve done at their Party.

Vernon Francis – Owner, City Nights Discos

About Vernon Francis

I run City Nights Disco, a team of DJs serving South England with mobile discos, and I deal personally with allocating you a DJ, but not just any DJ, it will be the RIGHT DJ for you and for the type of party you’re having. We’ve been operating over 25 years and growing all of the time, and all of our DJs have one thing in common, we all love a GREAT PARTY!

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