The success of an event depends on the several small details that make it enjoyable and memorable. Any number of aspects can contribute to these ends, especially those that change the way the guest interacts with the event space and other guests.

LED mood lighting services are a great way to personalize an event and manipulate your event space to make it the most conducive to socializing. Any number of LED mood lighting areas can be set up throughout the event area, either washing the walls with the colors of your choice, or creating a play of light that will bedazzle you and your guests alike. Why should you think about taking advantage of LED mood lighting at your next event?

What are LED mood lighting services?

LED mood lighting services include any number of LED lamp setups that can be programmed to any color. These lamps can stay one color throughout the night to make white walls appear whatever color you would like them to be and to set the mood with subdued brightness. You can also choose for these setups to alternate between any set of colors or the entire rainbow at whatever speed you choose or at whatever point in the event. At an event like a wedding, LED lighting can transform an area that might have been used previously as dinner area into a dance floor, all with the alteration of the light and its special effects. To mark the entrance of an important speaker at a conference, LED lighting can be used to dramatically switch the ambience of the conference space and direct everyone’s attention to the intended point of focus. LED lights can be used for similar purposes at any type of event.


Color-washing is how we generally refer to LED mood lighting that is used to change the color of the boundaries of an event space. Using LED lights in this way can completely change guests’ perceptions of the space and the ambience of the area in general. A bright room with light-colored LED lighting may be just the touch a baby’s christening needs to really make guests feel the hope and life emphasized in the ceremony, while deep red lighting may be more appropriate at an evening celebration in honor of an author’s successful book publication, for example. LED mood lighting makes it possible to use the same space for these seemingly completely different events, creating the perfect ambience to get your guests in just the right mindset and mood.

Action-packed lighting

Your LED mood lighting setups can also be linked together and synced up to a remote so that the host can control the lighting and effects all night long. Lights can be hidden indiscriminately in corners or on walls, or set center stage on floor-mounted stands to really grab the attention of your guests. The lights can dim and brighten upon request, change between colors, and flash whenever the host desires. They allow the host or DJ the greatest control over the events of the night and the attention of guests.

Starting at the low price of £12.50 each (or eight for the price of six), LED mood lights are an incredibly affordable and fun tool to help you design your next event just as you have imagined it in your mind. They help you manipulate your party space for whatever needs you may have. In addition, LED mood lighting can help you control the events of the night and the mood of your guests,, ultimately playing a huge role in the overall ambience of the evening. Go all out at your next event by splashing it with colors!