Games for Teens

Teens are at the cross-over point between children and Young Adults and this is an age group where games/competitions/spot-prizes/etc may, or indeed may not, be wanted or appreciated.

We’ll be delighted to organise games etc if you so wish- but this is usually best left until we (and you) get there and we can ‘judge the mood on the night’.

Feedback both in advance and also on the night from you / our Teen ‘Hosts’ will be what we’re looking for- and of course, feedback from your guests on the night too!

We don’t want to organise anything by way of games etc if they’re not wanted by the Teens.

Feel free to supply us on the night with plenty of sweets (mini Mars-Bars or Haribo type sweets are ideal) as Prizes if you think you’d like us to organise any activities regardless.

We will usually do a few ‘ice-breakers’ (dance-offs, boys vs girls, etc) if we need to Gee things up- and possibly games/competitions/spot-prizes, but this is difficult to judge in advance of the night or before we have the relevant feedback as some Teens are much more ‘Grown-Up’ compared to others of the same age and want a very different feel to their Disco.

‘Arches’, ‘Corners’, ‘Dance-Offs’ and perhaps a ‘Limbo’ Competition are almost always a hit with Teens.

The best thing to do is to give us any thoughts or ideas you have in advance, to supply us with some sweets as Prizes on the night regardless, and then to let us play what we do by ear on the night.