Looking for a way to spice up your kids birthday party? Kids love to dance and eat, but nothing can get them up off their seats and playing around like a few good birthday party games for kids! What’s not to love about kids birthday party games where you can win prizes?

Your birthday party DJ can help you to get the kids up and having a good time, so here are a few awesome kids birthday party game ideas to try:


When it comes to kids birthday party games, nothing beats musical chairs! It’s a brilliant combination of dancing, music, and competition. Best of all, everyone has a chance to win.


Select your players. Set chairs in a circle, seat facing outward, with one chair for every child. Now, remove one chair, leaving one more child than chair.

Turn on the music and have the kids dance in a circle around the ring of chairs. When the music stops, all the children have to sit on the chair. The child left without a chair is “out”.

Before turning the music back on, remove a chair from the circle so there is once again one fewer chair than child. Hit “play” and let the dancing/circling continue.

The winner is the child who gets the last seat.


If you have smaller children, this is one of the best birthday party games for 5 year olds. It’s easy to play, and it can be absolutely adorable to watch the little kids try to tag each other.


Have all of the kids sit in a circle on the floor. One child (the caller) will stand, and will go around the circle tapping the seated children on the head and saying “Duck”. When he says “Goose”, the child he has tapped has to get up and chase him around the circle before he sits down in the now vacant spot.

If the “Goose” can catch the caller before he sits, the caller will continue making the rounds until he can successfully take another child’s place. If the caller sits before he is tagged by the Goose, the Goose becomes the caller and must now go around the circle.

There is no “winner”, but it’s a great game to keep your small kids entertained for an hour or so.


This is one of the best birthday party games for kids, especially small kids who don’t like to “lose” or “be out”. In this game, everyone wins!


Before the party, wrap one of the birthday child’s presents in wrapping paper. The present should be something simple and non-fragile (a ball, a toy, etc.). This will be the “ball” you pass around. Add more layers of wrapping paper or newspaper, with a small toy placed between each additional layer. You will want to add one toy/surprise per child that will be playing.

When it comes time to play, have the children sit in a circle and pass the “ball” around. Play music as the ball is passed from hand to hand, and when the music stops, the person holding the ball is “out”. However, they are able to unwrap the top layer of newspaper or wrapping paper, and the toy they find belongs to them.

Turn on the music and continue to play the game. Make sure that each child in the circle receives a toy. Once it is down to the final layer of wrapping paper, have the music stop while the parcel is in the birthday child’s hands.


If you’re looking for games for kids birthday party with very active kids, this is an excellent game!

It’s perfect for kids of all ages, and it involves action and movement – perfect for kids hopped up on cake and cookies.


Have all of the children stand in a line at the far end of the room, with one child on the other side as “Simon”.

“Simon” must call out actions like “Stand on one leg” or “hop four times”. The rest of the children must act out the actions, but only if Simon adds “Simon says” before the instruction. If Simon doesn’t say “Simon says”, any child who performs the action is “out”.


If you have a large property and are planning an outdoor party, this is definitely one of the best birthday party games for kids. It’s a fun, unique twist on the classic hide and seek.


Select one child to be “it”, and send all of the other children to hide. Place something in the centre of the property to represent the “can”: a ball, a soda bottle, a metal can, etc.

The “It” must go around to find the other children. If they spot one of the hiding kids, the “It” must call out “1, 2, 3 on (child’s name)”. Both the “It” and the found child must run toward the can. If the “It” can hop over the can before the found child does, the found child is out.

If the found child can kick the can before the “It” leaps over it, he is “in” and may go hide while the “It” closes his eyes and counts.

Try these kids birthday party games as a way to keep your kids happy and occupied!

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