Glancing through wedding magazines will inundate you with images from some of the world’s most extraordinary weddings. What do all of these weddings have in common? Beyond having larger budgets than the average person, they include a long list of activities and perks for both the wedding couple and their guests throughout the event. If we look at the weddings of one of the world’s best known wedding planners, Colin Cowie, they are planned down to the most intimate detail to make them unique events never to be forgotten.

What Makes a Wedding Extraordinary?

What designers like Colin Cowie figured out a long time ago is that personalizing a wedding to meet all of the specific needs and desires of the marrying couple is the key to making a wedding incredible. For example, at one of Colin’s most recent weddings of Oprah’s best friend Bob Greene held at Oprah’s California estate, no stone was left unturned in the orchestration of the event. Oprah herself came up with the idea for the bride to arrive at the altar via a horse drawn carriage in the fairytale theme, while Colin thought of adding a microphone underneath the carriage so that the romantic sound of the horse’s hooves on the cobblestones could be heard echoing throughout the estate. Details like these can make a wedding both personally fulfilling and memorable for all those in attendance.

What About Music?

Music is an essential part of most weddings, especially at the reception after the ceremony when guests are meant to socialize and celebrate together. Hiring a wedding DJ through a professional event service provider can be the difference between a boring dinner and a happening party. Companies like City Nights Discos have decades of experience providing DJs that are specialized in providing wedding services to crowds both small and large. These DJs can design a unique playlist from the top hits or take whatever musical requests or preferred musical genres the hosts would like to hear to create an uplifting and entertaining playlist for the night. The DJ can space out the music to reflect whatever stage of the evening the party has arrived at, perfectly syncing the crowd’s mood to the wedding’s progress.

Anything Else?

Using a professional wedding service provider like  City Nights Disco to organize your extraordinary wedding has other benefits as well. In addition to a state-of-the-art DJ, your wedding will be equipped with a top-quality sound system to project any music or announcements throughout your wedding. If you prefer, you can also have special effects at your wedding like a disco ball, firepots or strobe lights. These special features are great for setting a festive atmosphere and helping your guests relax and mingle. Colin’s weddings that have been featured in magazines and on websites around the world all feature special effects like these. In fact, one of Colin’s most celebrated weddings included surprise, pink-feathered chandeliers that dropped from the ceiling on cue to the pleasure of both the couple and guests. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these sorts of add-ons at your wedding – they make the difference between a regular ‘ole wedding and a wedding of a lifetime.

Extraordinary weddings are made special by the attention to detail that has been afforded them by their planners and hosts. As a celebration of two people in love, a little attention to detail can go a long way in making a wedding an extraordinary and memorable event. Give your wedding the dedication it deserves to make it a truly remarkable experience by personalizing as many aspects of the party as possible.