Helping organize a talent show at your child’s primary or secondary school can be one of the best gifts you give to both your child and the community. They allow kids to work hard towards a specific goal that they then must show to their peers, friends, and family. It can be a life-altering experience for children who might have never been on the stage or never taken their talent seriously. It is also a great way to keep the community at large interested in and engaged with the youth, making the entire area a better place to raise children and promote healthy development. What are you waiting for? Help organize a talent show at your child’s school today.

How to get started

To begin planning a talent show, you should get together with representatives from the school and a few people from the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA). After you have permission to host the event at the school or a nearby area, think hard about appropriate dates for both rehearsals and the actual show. You want to give students at least six weeks to prepare themselves, meaning you do not want to start planning the event any later than two months before your intended date (to give students enough time to organize themselves and choose their talents). This will also give you plenty of time to find local sponsors for costs and prizes and find at least 10 volunteers to help organize the actual nights of rehearsal and production.

Don’t forget that you will also need a panel of larger-than-life judges to keep the show interesting and a very personable announcer to structure the show. Look into what sort of licenses you may need to reproduce any music or films that will be shown.

The Acts

Give students short time slots for rehearsal. They need to practice being on a tight schedule (even if they may have a bit more leeway on the night of the show itself). Make sure students show some proof of their parents’ approval of their participation and that primary school-aged children are always accompanied by a guardian, even at rehearsals. Create a detailed plan of the night’s activities, with some built-in time for any mishaps that may occur. Provide this schedule to all volunteers, performers, and parents so that everyone can be on the same page on the night of the show. Think about hiring a live DJ to keep the energy up throughout the night and maybe allow for some dancing at the show’s end.

The Price

Beyond being a great experience for students and the community, talent shows are great for raising a bit of money for whatever project is priority at the moment. Charging ticket prices for all attending adults should not deter those who come to see their family or friends, perform and can earn the school a nice sum of money in one simple night. Setting the right ticket price can be a bit tricky. If you will be offering food at all, make sure to consider the number of expected guests and how the cost of this offering will take away from your profit. Many schools opt for an easy hotdog to be included with the ticket price or available for $1 on the night of the show. Try to find a middle ground between making your guests happy and earning the profit you need.

What are you waiting for? Start planning a talent show for your child and community today to increase your community’s involvement with its youth, give your child an opportunity to shine and socialize, and help fund that important school project that has been dragging along due to a lack of funding. Choose City Nights Disco if you want it to be the biggest success ever!