Let’s face it: Employees aren’t always excited to take time off from their busy schedules to attend corporate parties – especially if it’s the same old company picnic that you have every year.

But parties are an excellent way to amp up employee morale and encourage teamwork, so it’s well worth it to think outside the box for an awesome summer party to thank employees for a job well done.

Get past the picnic and get creative with your party budget so your corporate party themes become the stuff of legends.

James Bond / Vegas

When it’s too hot to party outside, get in the air conditioning and throw a James Bond or Vegas-themed party instead. Start by setting up tables for the most basic casino games, like poker, blackjack and roulette. You can even check party rental places to see if they have other games and slot machines available for your party. Ask that all the men come in tuxes and women come in formalwear and spend the night enjoying cocktails, doing a little harmless gambling – you could even give each employee a set number of chips – and enjoying the suave, swanky atmosphere, even if it’s just for one night,

Wine Tasting

As long as it’s kosher with your supervisor, you could plan a wine tour-based corporate party that gets all of your employees together for a little getaway. Arrange with a winery to come by for a tour and tasting, checking out the scenery and indulging in some vino, chocolate and cheese in lieu of the usual picnic fare. Just make sure that you stipulate that employees should dress comfortably and according to the weather, since a wine tour and tasting will happen outside and sometimes in inclement weather.

Masquerade Party

One of the best corporate party themes that your employees will love is setting the event up like a masquerade party. Another dress-up event, you’ll hand out masks at the front door so employees can let loose – all while keeping their identities a secret. It’s a fun twist on the usual cocktail party, especially if you follow the theme through with period music, finger foods and cocktails for everyone to enjoy.

Chocolate Factory

Who doesn’t love chocolate? By basing a corporate party around the tale of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” you can combine a universal love for all things chocolate with a theme that offers plenty of room for fun. Whether you hand out candy bars with “golden tickets” and prizes hidden inside or have a chocolate fountain in honor of Augustus Gloop, all the activities, foods – and even chocolate-based drinks and cocktails – keeps the theme together.

Beach Party

This one’s kind of a no-brainer, especially in the summer months: Even if you’re nowhere near a beach, you can throw a beach party both indoors and outdoors as a way to bring some of the beach to your employees. A kiddle pool filled with sand along with Caribbean music, tropical drinks and beach games like Frisbee and volleyball put a new spin on the old company picnic, which might mean a better turnout for your event.

Jazz Age / Great Gatsby

There’s just something decadent about the Jazz Age – from the fashion to the jewelry and the excess, it was a dramatic time. In fact, just ask Jay Gatsby, the main character from “The Great Gatsby,” known for throwing large and luxurious parties. Ask that guests come dressed for the period (think flappers for the girls and gangsters for the men) and crank up the jazz music to set the ambiance. Gold décor, plenty of food and drink all ensure that your employees have the best time with a blast from the past to one of the most interesting time periods.

No matter what you decide to do for your corporate party, one thing is clear: Thinking outside the box and going beyond the typical picnic can drum up more interest and increase your overall attendance rates. Let City Nights Disco help you create an amazing corporate party with your chosen theme!

By letting loose with coworkers at a fun party, you can boost employee morale and create connections that last long after the party is over. While it might seem like a large expense, it pays in productivity to go above and beyond what’s expected this summer.