It has finally warmed up, bringing us to the doorstop of pool party season. It’s the time of year many of us dream about, when we can spend our afternoons lounging around the pool with friends and family, a refreshing drink in one hand and a snack in the other. If you are lucky enough to lay claim on your own pool, you may have already started planning this year’s first big pool party bash. Although your guests are surely to enjoy themselves in the cool water and with your great company, undertaking a few preparations before the event can really make it stand out from the sea of pool parties you’ll be invited to this summer. What should you keep in mind when planning a pool party to guarantee it is a raging success with your friends and family?

1. Choose a theme

If you haven’t already, giving your pool party some sort of coherent theme can go a long way in bringing all of its elements and your guests together. Think about popular water-centric themes like Beach Holiday, Surfer’s Paradise, or Underwater Wonderland that can be easily adapted to your specific space and budgetary requirements. You can also go for general themes by color or year to give your guests as much flexibility as possible on their ways of participating in the theme.

2. Plan on easy food

Depending on your budgetary restraints, you are probably going to offer some sort of food at your pool party. Your culinary spread should be in line with your theme and relatively easy to set up, eat, and clean up. If you would like to serve something substantial, grilling is a great accompaniment to any pool party and will allow you to easily serve up a variety of both meat and vegetables. Finger foods are another simple option that have a low probability of resulting in a soggy mess if something goes wrong.

3. Get creative with your drinks

As easy as your food options should be, your drinks should be creative. Definitely choose more than one drink option that matches up with your theme  so that everyone can have something they prefer. Be careful to serve up your fancy cocktails and fruity non-alcoholic concoctions in plastic containers to avoid disaster when the inevitable drop occurs.

4. Think entertainment

Your guests are going to get the most fun out of interacting with one another in your refreshing pool, but offering them some sort of entertainment in the form of activities or music is a surefire way to make your pool party stand out from the crowd. For example, you can provide plenty of water toys for your guests, young and old, to keep themselves busy throughout the day. You can also have a professional DJ sync their playlist to your theme to really get your friends and family jamming throughout your pool party.

5. Put safety first

Regardless of whether your guests will be older or younger, you should always take a few safety precautions when throwing a pool party. Firstly, don’t allow running anywhere near where the pool’s water may make the ground wet and slippery. As mentioned, don’t serve food or drinks in ceramic or glass so that if something falls, your barefoot guests won’t have to worry about stepping on that stray piece of glass. Have a small safety kit on hand for any accidents that may happen. If you expect to have children at the party, designate someone to watch over the pool area and the child at all times.

Use your creativity and a bit of planning this summer to throw the best pool party of the season, equipped with loved ones, sun, water, appetizing food and delicious drinks. If you follow these five tips, your pool party is sure to make a huge splash this summer! Don’t forget to call City Nights Disco for the music!