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Let’s face it: Employees aren’t always excited to take time off from their busy schedules to attend corporate parties – especially if it’s the same old company picnic that you have every year. But parties are an excellent way to amp up employee morale and encourage teamwork, so it’s well worth it to think outside the box for an awesome summer party to thank employees for a job well done. Get past the picnic and get creative with your party budget so your corporate party themes become the stuff of legends. James Bond / Vegas When it’s too hot to party outside, get in the air conditioning and throw a […]

When an event has a theme, it allows its guests to really become connected to it and get involved. A theme makes an event a coherent one and can really capture the imagination of your guests. There’s a bottomless pit of potential themes to choose from, and the decorations you opt for and the food that you serve can really cement your theme, as can the costumes that your guests choose to adorn. Whether you’re going for a Spanish theme, a 1980’s vibe or a simple fancy dress party, a theme allows your guests to really become part of the experience. A coherent and effective theme Many people choose to […]

With the winter seeming to never end, what better way to pass the endlessly cold nights than by throwing an extravagant, Downton Abbey themed party for your closest friends? Dinner parties can sometimes get a little standard and boring, so try something new by going all out in the style of the roaring 1920s – the well-off certainly knew how to party back then. You can impress your friends with your classy style and culinary know-how, all while pretending to be in an era from long ago. Although not all of us have the budgets of our favorite characters, the Crawleys, using your creativity and your resources at hand can […]

Most DJ’s are very happy playing in Marquees, but they do often require a little extra work, and as such, some DJ’s charge a small ‘Marquee’ supplement. A DJ can usually play in almost any outside location as long as he has weather-proof cover (top and sides) in case of rain as almost all DJ kit is not waterproof in any way. Set-up can be done on most surfaces, but the DJ area for setting up needs to be solid and stable. This usually and ideally means NOT on a temporary staging or similar. Most of this type of staging is not designed to have the kind of tripod stands most DJ’s use put up on them.. The set-up area must also be on a level surface and not on a slope of any kind.