Any playlist or music information is best sent to us in an email. Please try to send it no later than a week before the date of your party. Please remember that the preparation of a playlist is completely optional and we can do a disco for you without one. However, any feedback about your taste is gratefully received.

Download previous client example playlists

When it comes to your music, we’ll play anything you want us to!

To help us play the music you like, we always ask for a playlist from all of our customers. This helps us understand your tastes and preferences. Our intention is to get the music totally right for you and your guests… and your playlist will really help us do this.

Supplying a party playlist is of course completely optional, but it will assist us in getting the music just right for you.


A playlist is simply a guide to your tastes in music.

Your list can be specific or non-specific and we’ll be more than happy to adhere to the songs, artists, eras or genres on your list. Of course if there’s any music that you don’t want us to play, then we’ll also be more than happy to leave this out for you.

We will also gladly follow any other instructions that you might give us.


Preparing a personal party playlist can be a fun and rewarding thing to do and if you want some ideas the following may help:

1. It’s a good idea to have a piece of paper tucked away somewhere handy – where you can add to it easily.

2. Leave the radio on!

It’s a good idea to listen to the radio, rather than listening to your favourite CD’s whilst in the car or at home. And when you hear a song you like, simply write it down. Hearing unfamiliar or old songs on the radio may also remind you of another song that you can relate to.

3. Go through your own music collection.

Everyone has some music in their collection that they’ve forgotten they like. By simply going through, and possibly playing some of your old music (this tends to work best over a bottle of wine!), you may surprise yourself by coming up with a few gems nestled away in there, and possibly even some kind of soundtrack to your life so far!

4. Another idea is to ask guests to put a favourite song or two of theirs on their RSVP. This way you can filter their requests, and forward the ones you like to us.


Your party playlist can be as large or as small as you like and is a rough guide, we can usually play around 17 songs an hour.

Please bear in mind though that older songs are much shorter than newer ones, and some songs from the ’50′s’ are only about 2 minutes long!

If your list is bigger than we can get through in the given time, then no problem. This simply gives the DJ more choice of what to play.

If on the other hand your list isn’t big enough to fill the whole evening, then no worries either! You can trust us to fill the rest of the time we have with you with songs we know will work that are relevant to the rest of your party playlist. We always end up getting requests from guests anyway which we’ll be happy to accept and will also help us fill this time.


If you need some ideas or inspiration, then just click here for some party playlist examples and ideas….or if you’d simply like to discuss or have a chat about anything, then please feel free to call us. We’ll be happy to offer you some pointers.

Click here should be a link to the previous client lists or change to click the link at the top of this page.


You can forward your party playlist to us at any time, but we normally ask that it is supplied at least 7 days prior to the date of your disco. Any songs that you DEFINITELY want included should be highlighted and if you prefer you can specify a preferred time of play.


We will endeavour to play any songs or styles that you want us to, as long as we have them. If we don’t have them and you’ve highlighted them as a ‘must play’ we will try to get the song for you or as a last resort ask you to supply the song yourself. Chances are, that if we don’t have it, it will be somewhere in your own personal music collection.


If you’d like to do a First Dance, then we’d really like to know what the song is in advance of the day, in order to be sure we have it with us. Which song to choose is a decision that can realistically only be taken by you and should be a song that will stay with you for life –  so take your time to choose a song you’re both happy with!

For many people this is the highlight of the evening’s entertainment and we’ll be happy to announce this. We’ll introduce the song and the bride and groom to the dance floor and guests in any manner you wish.

It is worth mentioning that doing a First Dance is NOT a necessity… if you don’t want to do one, no problem! It’s YOUR day and you should make the decision that is right for you. If you’re going to be stressing the whole day about the fact that you have to do a First Dance in the evening- it could affect your entire day! Lots of people choose not to do a First Dance, and although it can be used to start the disco, it’s rarely used as the first song we play, as some people seem to think, and isn’t necessary to start the evening’s celebrations. You might want to compromise (if family or friends are putting pressure on you to do one) by doing a First Dance with all the couples dancing rather than just the bride and groom, if you’d prefer not to be ‘in the spotlight’… but again, it’s YOUR day and in our opinion, it should be your own choice!


This is completely a matter of personal preference. It’s good to have an approximate time in mind for you First Dance, but a good idea would be to play this time by ear on the day and to do the dance whenever you feel the time is right for you.

Some people like to start the disco with their First Dance because they believe it’s the ‘done-thing’ or indeed, if they’re nervous or uncomfortable about doing it and just want to ‘get it done’ so they can relax and enjoy the rest of the evening knowing it’s out of the way. Another reason for some people doing their First Dance early is to offer the possibility of being able to go and get changed out of their wedding day clothes and perhaps into some different evening attire.

Some people like to wait until a little later on when they’ve either had a drink or two, or they’re sure all of their evening wedding guests have arrived and are settled in.


Your second dance is also an option you may or may not wish to do. This can consist of a second slow song (or indeed a fast one!) that can be announced by your DJ, as either a dance for: “all of the other couples in the room, to join the bride and groom” as they continue dancing together or for the bride and groom to go and dance with a member of their family or a loved one.

We’ll be more than happy to make any announcements, or to announce any subsequent third, fourth, etc. dances too!  Too much white space before the note below.


Please remember that the custom party playlist you’ve supplied is (unless you tell us otherwise) intended as a guide to your tastes and preferences. We advise to allow the DJ some room to manoeuvre with it to enable him to use his experience of what usually works (and indeed, what doesn’t work) on the dance floor, to create a party atmosphere by using your list in a way that allows him to do what we do best, which is to read the dance floor, using experience to keep the dance floor full and keep both you and your guests happy. We also accept and use requests from your guests on the night (as long as they are within the parameters of what styles you’ve said are acceptable), which works well on the dance floor.

If you definitely want any of the songs on your list played, please asterisk, make bold or highlight your MUST-PLAYS. We advise you highlight no more than around 20 songs as must-plays. Whilst every effort will be made to play these songs, we cannot guarantee to play them. Song selections are limited to those within the DJ’s collection with him on the night.

If you do not want us to veer from the playlist the best thing to do is to make a larger song list than is necessary (the bigger the better) of songs you’d like, and to allow the DJ to select what he thinks will work best from the list on the night.

We can even play tracks in the order you’ve give if you want us to. Please be very clear when supplying your list to us if this is the case.

We will be happy to accept your feedback as the night progresses and change the music we’re playing for you at any time.

In most cases, a professional DJ who is reading the crowd and playing what he thinks will work best at that time whilst using your custom party playlist as a guide, is the best recipe for a great party!

Your playlist can arrive at any time, but please aim for at least one week before the date of your disco allowing time to pass onto the DJ and compile the music. Too far in advance may lead to confusion with additions or amendments.

Send your party playlist by post, fax or in an email, the latter is preferable, as we can reply to or with any questions immediately. Please try to avoid attachments, which are sometimes difficult to open.