Organizing a party, big or small, can be a lot of fun when you use a bit of creativity and work to make your party ideas into reality. It can even be a good source of income for those inclined to pursue it professionally. Whether you are throwing an intimate party for a loved one or a huge bash for your job, planning ahead can make your party one of the most unforgettable of the year.

To begin planning your party, first think about the approximate number of guests you expect. This is arguably one of the most important aspects, as it will determine the space you choose to celebrate in and the types of entertainment you choose, in addition to the amount of food and drink you may need to satisfy everyone. Once you have an idea of how big your party will be and where you would like to have it, you can start thinking about the best forms of entertainment for your guests.

Have you considered hosting a Video Disco Party?

One type of party that has been growing in popularity in recent years is the Video Disco Party. In this type of event, videos or films are projected around the party space to help involve all of your guests and keep everyone engaged in the events of the night. A large projection screen can be set up in the main party area, or several smaller screens can be set up throughout the venue. In addition, if you would like, televisions can be installed throughout the party space to give it a more traditional party feel.

What sorts of videos are shown?

In a Video Disco Party, any type of video you like can be shown! Some party organizers simply like the idea of having beautiful images of swirling water or calm nature scenes adorning the party area, setting the mood for whatever type of party you are having. Other people have synced the DJ’s music list with the screens, showing a mash of music videos to go along with the exciting music coming from your DJ. If you opted for a karaoke party, these screens can even display the lyrics to the music in realtime to help get everyone on the party wagon!

You can also choose to personalize your party as much as possible, including videos or photo slideshows of personal images that speak to the theme of the party and make everyone at the party feel like they are part of the group. To give your party a real disco feel, you can even include a live stream of video from the party itself, allowing your guests to enjoy seeing themselves and their friends and family on the big screen for the night.

What other types of entertainment can I have at a Video Disco Party?

A Video Disco Party can be as personalized as you want. In addition to projection screens and television, you can include a karaoke hour (as mentioned) and any number of other special effects. Party providers like City Nights Discos can help you organize all of these extras for your special event, including perks like a disco ball, smoke machine, and strobe lights when preferred. All of these aspects of your party will make your guests really let loose and engage with one another, remembering this party as one of the best they have ever attended.

There is no point in throwing a party that will not leave a lasting impression on those who attend. Think about making your next event a Video Disco Party to really impress your friends and family while giving them a night for the ages!