For many, music is a universal tool of communication that can express emotions and desires unlike any other. Thousands of types of music exist today, with more styles and genres created every day. It may come as no surprise that, as the world’s collection of music grows, it becomes easier and easier for individuals to fashion seemingly completely new genres of music simply by combining two or more already established types of musical styles.

In fact, much of the popular music we listen to today on the radio, in concert halls, and event in classical theaters is the result of a combination of previous styles of music. When an artist takes aspects from more than one musical genre and combine them to create something new, we call it a fusion. Experts often disagree on exactly which styles count as fusion genres and which should be considered unique, but the roots of some established and popular music genres of today are undoubtedly the result of the fusion genre.

Where does the term fusion genre come from?

The term “fusion genre” really came to life with the proliferation of rock music in the 1960s and its combination with foundational elements of classic jazz. In fact, some of the most well-known legends from that time were actually fusion genre artists and groups – like Miles Davis, Return to Forever, Weather Report, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, to name a few.

These artists often came up against a backlash from traditionalists who disapproved of the changes they were making to the classic musical styles they were born from. In reality, these musicians forged new pathways of music that have led to the creation several other types of music people enjoy listening to around the world.

What are some modern examples of music in the fusion genre?

Today, several styles of music are considered to be in the fusion genre, many of which started with basic jazz and/or rock elements. The popular party musical genre of electronica is well-known to fuse elements of several musical genres with electronic rhythms, creating genres like dubstyle, folktronica, and jazzrap. Even modern hip-hop is thought to be a fusion of elements from funk, soul, and dub or mix tapes.

Popular artists that we all jam out to at the club, like Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, and Robin Thicke are all modern examples of fusion genre music. Unbeknownst to most people, some of your favorite songs can be called fusion mixes because of the many different musical elements they have borrowed to create their foundation. A great example of a modern fusion mix that is number one on many top music charts is 5 Seconds of Summer’s “She Looks So Perfect” with over forty-three million views on youtube.

What is fusion dancing?

One of the best parts about modern fusion genre music is that it gives professional and amatuer dancers alike an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to dance choreography. By combining several musical elements into one music set, dancers can use all the creativity they can muster to design unique dance numbers that mesh dance moves from the various musical genres present in the fusion music.

Like the element of spontaneity that is inherent in the musical genre of jazz that forms the basis of much of fusion music, fusion dancing promotes a high level or spontaneous response by the dancers to the unique combinations of music. This leads to the creation of completely new and unique dance styles and sets that are known to awe audiences around the world. Much of the dancing we see in popular dance competitions is, in fact, fusion dancing.

How can you take advantage of the fusion genre at your next event?

If you are planning a disco party, odds are your guests will want to jam out to some fusion genre music on the dancefloor. City Nights Disco DJs are masters at mixing songs and artists from several different fusion genres to get your party going. We can play the best songs from classic jazz and rock fusion or blast the best examples of today’s musical fusions – whatever you are looking for.

Fusion genre songs can be great for your birthday party, wedding, or practically any type of event that you would like to spice up with some of the most danceable music around. If you are really looking for something special, consider hiring professional fusion genre dancers to get the party going and show your guests the incredible dancing possibilities for music in this genre!

Despite music traditionalists complaints that fusion genre music strays from the “real thing”, fusion music is an undeniable part of the evolution of music throughout the world. In reality, most modern music genres are combinations of elements from previously established music genres, borrowing beats, rhythms, instruments, and often artists to create new unique styles that are loved across the world. Get your next event going with fusion genre music!