If there is anything we have learned from the great success of the blockbuster film The Great Gatsby, adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, it’s that everyone loves a good party. There has been a proliferation of Great Gatsby-themed parties since the film came out last year, all embracing the most important elements of the party scene that are encapsulated in this epic film. It is no big surprise that his movie has sparked such a trend.

The Roaring 20’s, in which the film is set, were aptly named for the exciting nightlife that could be found in America’s underground nightlife scene during this time despite the hard to believe reality that prohibition still legally outlawed the sale of alcohol in this period. If you are a fan of this novel, film, or time period and are looking to host an event with a Great Gatsby party theme, the summer is one of the best times of the year to go all out and embrace this exciting era of American history. Consider some of these ideas to make your next event a true representation of the Gatsby era party:

Invitation and Place Cards

You can let your creativity run wild when working with a Great Gatsby party theme, starting with the invitations you send your guests. To begin, you should make sure to send out paper invitations, just like guests a century ago would have been accustomed to receiving. There are several fonts you can use to mimic that popularized by the film, but the official choices for the 2013 rendition were Atlas Regular and Atlas Solid.

Pro tip

Beyond the font, try to use more formal terminology reminiscent of the time period – this will help get your guests in the mood before they even decide to attend your event!

You should also make sure to mention that your guests are expected to fully immerse themselves in the era by following a Gatsby party dress code to avoid anyone mistakenly showing up in jeans and a t-shirt. If your party will involve a meal or tables, having placecards will further enrich your Great Gatsby party theme since, after all, no serious party at that time would leave the troubling choice of where to sit up to the guests.

Venue and Decorations

If at all possible, you should aim to host your party outside. All the best parties during that era took advantage of the boiling summer heat to party under the stars on terraces and in gardens – and you should do the same. Set up your tables outside under billowing white tents and tiny sparkling white lights, or place your DJ in the garden to allow everyone to dance outside until the sun comes up.

Make sure all your decorations are classy renditions from the twenties as well. Old candelabra can add a beautiful touch and contribute to the twenties atmosphere and your dishes can all be in the traditional style though, of course, disposable copies of the style are more than acceptable. You can also consider having kitsch game stations throughout your venue, offering your guests entertaining ways to interact with one another that they would not get at the typical party or event.

Food and Drink

This is the category where you can really have fun with the Great Gatsby party theme. Drinks are a must at a Gatsby party, especially champagne. Make sure to have plenty on stock so that, like the guests at a real Gatsby party, yours will never go thirsty. You should also have a few other Gatsby party drinks like the Mint Julep, Blackberry Gin Fizz, and some ice tea and lemonade concoctions.

These refreshing drinks stick to your Gatsby party theme and will help keep the heat off. If you plan on offering any food, the options are truly endless. Finger foods were popular back then, so consider offering period foods like oysters on the half shell, stuffed mushrooms, and deviled eggs. Definitely don’t skip out on the dessert offerings either, as this was an important element at a true Gatsby party. A decadent cake is one of many great Gatsby birthday party ideas, but any number of sweets like cupcakes and small tarts work well with any type of Great Gatsby-themed party. Let your creativity guide you when it comes to your fancy culinary options at your Gatsby party.

The Roaring Twenties have a reputation for being a lively period full of spontaneity and unpredictability, so it comes as no surprise that the Great Gatsby party theme is all the rage even now. Participate in the craze by offering your own Gatsby party equipped with period invitations and place cards, an outdoor venue decked out in fanciful decorations, and decadent food paired with refreshing drinks and your guests will be talking about your party for months to come! Don’t forget to call City Nights Disco for great music!