The summer is finally here, and most of us are spending our days dreaming of our much-anticipated vacations that always seem to be just around the corner, but not now. Luckily, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of the great weather and seasonal food before you take off for a week to some tropical paradise. Throw a barbeque at your local pool or a nearby beach, or if that is difficult, simply host a summer-themed party for the excuse of using all sorts of creative and refreshing summer cocktail recipes for your family and friends. Don’t think that these tasty alcoholic treats will necessarily be bad for you either. Why not go all out and choose summer drinks recipes that are both refreshing and healthy?

Finding the right fun and refreshing drink to wet your taste buds and not weigh you down can be quite the challenge. Many alcoholic drinks may taste great – made with a couple different fruit juices, types of alcohol, and sugar of course – but use summer cocktail recipes that are packed full of calories and additives that your body doesn’t need. Cocktails with too much sugar, in fact, are known to worsen your hangover as well. Do you know of tasty drinks that aren’t made with these ingredients but still appetising. Fortunately, this handy infographic provides you with the do-it-yourself steps for twelve easy summer cocktails that are sure to taste great and put you and your friends in the summer mood

If you are worried about calories, check out the summer drinks recipe for Sparkling Apricot Punch at only 105 calories each, made with fresh apricots and seltzer to form the perfect light summer drink. You can also try the Strawberry-Line Daiquiri recipe, which departs from the usually heavy daiquiri recipe by avoiding too much sugar and skipping the dairy to cost you only about 112 calories. If you are aiming to kill two birds with one stone, getting your vitamins in the same glass as your alcohol, the healthy Bloody Mary cocktail is the definite choice. Low in calories and sodium but overflowing with flavor, vitamins, and minerals – you can’t go wrong. Take a look to find the best healthy summer cocktail to help you take advantage of the sun and your great loved ones!