Whether because of rainy weather or simply because you don’t have an outdoor space to work with, having a kid’s party indoor shouldn’t dampen your spirits or chart a course for anything but fun.

Even if you have to stay instead, planning a few kids party games indoor that don’t compromise on fun mean you can still throw a memorable, active and silly party. For kids from 2 to 92, getting out some silly materials and planning around your inside space means every party attendee can be included and have fun – even if the weather isn’t perfect.

Surprise Package

When it’s a birthday party, it can seem like the birthday child gets to have all the fun. Turn the tables by playing Surprise Package and letting the guests try their hand at opening a present. Here’s the catch, though: You’ll wrap several prizes in 7 to 10 layers of wrapping paper and boxes.

To play the game, ask the kids to sit in a circle and pass the present from kid to kid while music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the present gets to unwrap one layer before the music starts and the game continues until the final prize is revealed and given to the child who unwrapped the last layer. You might need to play the game several times to make sure everyone gets a fair chance.

If you’d like to make the game more challenging for older kids, insist that they open the packages with implements, like a spatula and fork, or while wearing oven mitts – it’ll add extra silliness and challenge when trying to peel the wrapping paper away from the package.

Sardines in a Can

If you have a large indoor space and plenty of good hiding spots, invite the kids to play one of the most active kids party games indoor – Sardines in a Can. In this variation of hide and seek, the person who is “it” is the only person who hides. The rest of the party guests count to 100 and then split up to look for the one hidden person separately. When one child finds the person who is “it,” she hides with him and waits for others and so on. The game is over when the very last person finally finds the entire group, presumable crammed into a closet or behind a bookcase. The last person to find the group then gets to be “it” for the next round.

Cotton Race

If you have older kids who want more of a challenge with their game, try playing a Cotton Race. You’ll need a bag of cotton balls, a wooden spoon and two buckets. Set the buckets about 10 feet apart and put the cotton balls in one bucket. Then, blindfold the child playing and give her the spoon, instructing her to get as many cotton balls from the first bucket to the second – you may need to start with the spoon in the bucket of cotton balls. It’s a hilarious game that will keep players guessing and everyone else in stitches.

Sock Find

If you’re having a themed birthday party, the Sock Find game is a great way to incorporate some of those elements into a funny game. Say you’re having a racecar-themed party, for instance: You would start by putting some items that go with that them into clean socks. Small items like toy cars or a little flag work well. Then, tie the top of the sock with elastic. The object of the game is to have players feel the socks with their own feet to guess what’s inside. Number the socks and hand out numbered sheets of paper to help keep things organized and allow you to find out who got the most correct when the game is over.

No matter what the reason is for your indoor party, don’t despair if you can’t take advantage of the space and weather outside. Staying in affords unique opportunities to think outside the box and choose games that perhaps kids haven’t played before. Even if you’re short on space, indoor kids games can be the life of the party. Call City Nights Disco and let us help you organise a great party for the kids!