The disco era of the 1970’s has continuously experienced a resurgence in popularity over the years. Even today’s youth knows disco music when they hear it. Furthermore, when there is a disco ball overhead and streaming a reflection of lights across the dance floor, kids are going to spill to the floor and get their bodies moving to the rhythm.

One of the neatest aspects of disco is that it can be incorporated into just about any party theme, including holiday celebrations. If you plan on having someone dressing up as Santa, you may even be able to have him don a pair of bell bottoms just for humor’s sake.

When it comes down to it, a children’s Christmas party is supposed to be about fun and making the most of the holiday spirit. When you add disco to the mix, you incorporate an element of rhythm and vibration that will have all the attendees leaving with a smile.

Specific Christmas Themes

Every Christmas party for kids should have a specific theme. The theme can be directly related to the holiday or something different altogether. Here are some creative ideas to consider that children will love:

Gingerbread Cookie Making

Gingerbread is the iconic Christmas cookie. At some point, some of the children will want to take a rest after dancing nonstop to the disco beat. For the kids taking a break, set aside a station for them where they can make their very own gingerbread man or house cookie. These can be made using gingerbread dough or graham crackers and cookie cutters. Give each child a sandwich bag filled with little goodies that they can use to decorate their cookies, such as icing, sprinkles, shredded coconut and cinnamon drops.

Arts and Crafts

The most sentimental gifts are the ones made by hand. Consider a party with multiple work stations where children can utilize various arts and crafts supplies to make their own Christmas present for their mom, dad, sibling or teacher. Craft ideas may include greeting cards, ornaments or jewelry.

Giving Back

For kids, Christmas is about receiving presents. However, give your party a charitable theme and show them what the holidays are really about. You can have each guest bring nonperishable food or an unopened toy to be given to charity to support families in need.

Polar Express

The Polar Express is probably the most beloved Christmas tale. With this theme, send each child an invitation in the shape and likeness of a train ticket and have them arrive in their pajamas. You can serve hot chocolate with marshmallows and other warm treats and have them dance in their sleepwear. For younger children, you can simply read them the book or show them the movie version.

Disco Christmas-Inspired Decorations

Every party should have decorations that correspond to the theme. For a Christmas party with a disco-specific theme, integrate the two together. Use miniature disco balls as ornament balls for the tree.

Have some of the adult supervisors wear bell bottoms, high platform shoes and afro wigs. Additional decorations include hanging a wreath on the door and making it into the shape of a peace sign.

You may also consider hanging movie posters of movies and shows that were popular during the 1970’s, such as Star Wars, Charlie’s Angels and Brady Bunch. Since this is a kid’s party, think about popular 70’s cartoons like Scooby Doo, Josie and the Pussycats and Flash Gordon.

Keep it Hip and Fun

Christmas party themes with a disco element will likely entail dancing. Have the DJ play popular titles from the era, such as Abba, David Bowie and Electric Light Orchestra. However, mix it in with contemporary music like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Jonas Brothers and One Direction just so the kids will have something familiar.

Aside from the dance floor, there should also be multiple stations. There should be a table set aside for food and drinks and other fun activities. These activities will depend on the age group of the attendees but should include stuff like arts and crafts and cookie making.

It is also recommended that every child leaves with some sort of goody bag filled with tasty treats and small toys and knickknacks. This serves as the cherry on top of a fun-filled evening.