Useful info and Typical Running Order for a Children’s Disco:

We can do a Disco for any age group and even for mixed ages.

We use the term ‘children’ to represent (about) the 4 to 8/9Yr old age bracket.

We can play to almost any number of children… but please bear in mind that playing Games, organising Competitions and handing out Spot-Prizes (particularly with younger children) represents a huge part of what we do for them. Inviting anywhere between 12 and 35 children makes organising games and competitions very manageable. With fewer than about 12 children, games etc may not work quite as well, whilst with more than 35, they can sometimes become a little more difficult to organise!

We recommend a one and a half hour Party for 4 to 5Yr olds.

We recommend a 2 hour Party for 6 to 9Yr olds.

With younger children, this time consists of us starting gently as not to scare anyone. We’ll then start introducing a competition or two (best dancer / best or loudest singer etc.) with prizes for the winners to warm things up.

Then possibly a game or two mixed in with the music (all of our Birthday Boy or Girl’s very own choice wherever possible) and plenty of songs with ‘actions’ or ‘moves’ which we’ll organise or demonstrate. Throughout the Disco, we’ll be constantly handing out spot-prizes, and organising all manner of competitions and games.

We usually take a short break for ‘tea’ about half way through- this can be a ‘proper’ sit-down tea or just a break for drinks & crisps! Also for younger children a quick reminder to use the toilet!

Straight after ‘tea’ is be a great time for you to bring out the Birthday Cake (if you have one). We’ll organise the blowing out of the candles and the singing of Happy Birthday. (… doing the Birthday Cake at this time allows plenty of time for someone to cut the cake into portions- ready for you to offer everyone a piece as they leave!)

Then (for younger ones) a further sit-down (to let the food go down) for Pass-the-Parcel.

Then it’s back to the Disco again, with more music, games, competitions, spot-prizes etc.

There really is no ‘set-routine’ as such to any children’s Disco that we do, but this (or something similar) normally works well… and we’ll be happy to change or re-organise things or any running orders in any way that suits you.

The truth is (as with ALL Disco’s we do) we ‘play-it-by-ear’ and decide what to do/play next based on our experience, any feedback from you, and the reaction of the crowd to the last thing we did.

for useful info on Games, Competitions and Spot-Prizes for Children please click here