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Weddings are dedicated occasions to celebrating love, but there’s nothing about love that excludes opulence and luxury, now is there? Celebrities and high-class socialites alike are renowned for their extravagance when it comes to hosting wedding parties, with invitees exceeding a thousand, flowers from the most exotic locales, gowns worth more than their homes, and beautiful dance floors invigorated with music from the hottest DJs and recording artists. We have to give them credit when it comes to the attention to detail and when it comes to knowing how to throw a good party! These weddings were all notable in that their guests danced the night away. Some because they […]

It’s always worth checking with both the DJ and the Band about their thoughts and requirements on working alongside other Artists of any form.

Most DJ’s and Bands should be happy sharing the limelight, but things like the amount of space available, when to set-up, who’ll be setting up where, set times and any logistics involved are certainly things to consider.