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Useful info and Typical Running Order for a Children’s Disco:

We can do a Disco for any age group and even for mixed ages.

We use the term ‘children’ to represent (about) the 4 to 8/9Yr old age bracket.

We can play to almost any number of children… but please bear in mind that playing Games, organising Competitions and handing out Spot-Prizes (particularly with younger children) represents a huge part of what we do for them. Inviting anywhere between 12 and 35 children makes organising games and competitions very manageable. With fewer than about 12 children, games etc may not work quite as well, whilst with more than 35, they can sometimes become a little more difficult to organise!

Games and Competitions are usually a guaranteed hit with Children, and I’m talking about kids up to about 9 years old, although the same games can sometimes work with Children a little older too.

A good Children’s DJ should be happy and able to to organise any games and competitions at a Children’s Party.

The only thing we’ll ask you to provide on the day will be some Prizes for us to give out to the winners of any activities we’re doing.

Prizes are a sure-fire way of keeping the attention of Children throughout the Disco.

You can spend as little or as much as you like on Prizes, but a multi-bag or two of fun-size Mars-bar or Haribo type sweets is usually more than sufficient.