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Television viewers are bombarded with ads every 10 minutes of a program. The same goes for Internet browsing. It seems like every other site you visit has some kind of popup ad or the small banners on the side with a catchy message to try to entice you to click the image. Most people find these advertisements annoying though every now and then you find one that you actually find quite entertaining. This may be because you are actually intrigued by the product being promoted or simply because you find the ad humorous or touching. Regardless, you actually watch the commercial from start to finish and get a kick out […]

A good and experienced Children’s DJ for a disco should be happy playing to any age group and even for mixed ages from 5 to 9 or any 2 year difference. However, playing to a mix of ages at the same party can mean it’s tricky keeping all of the attending ages entertained properly as all ages will have different tastes in music and what they consider a fun disco. It takes a certain type of DJ to do a Children’s party properly, and it’s simply a matter of understanding the needs of the age group(s) attending. The Right DJ for the Perfect Disco An experienced Children’s Disco DJ should […]

Sweet sixteen parties for the gloriously rich and famous can already be seen on the MTV series “My Super Sweet 16″. They are exceptional mostly because teens really know what they want. And these teens, whose parents prefer to shell out the big bucks than to face yet another early adolescent tantrum, actually get what they want. Maybe that’s why we enjoy the drama of the MTV reality series or why we follow celebrity parties, like those for their children’s Sweet Sixteen. These are the parties dreams are made of! They have the hippest music, the right scenery, the perfect dance floors, and the hottest DJs. Samaria Smith’s Sweet Sixteen […]