Setting up outside

Setting up outside is always dependent on weather, unless we have cover.

Our kit is not even slightly weather-proof!

Please be aware that ‘gazebos’ (or similar) are fine to protect us from shade but are NOT adequate to protect us from inclement weather.

If it’s 100% clear and glorious (and the forecast says it’ll stay that way) then there should be no problem setting up in an outside or semi-outside location. However, the decision on where to set-up on the day is that of the DJ, as it’s his kit, and the kit is his livelihood.

If it is a gorgeous sunny day and setting up outside is an option, we will just need adequate shade for the DJ and kit.

Nobody can forecast the weather and we will always be cautious when it come to setting up outside.

The worst possible case scenario is if we do set-up outside and then it starts looking cloudy or grim. In such a case, the DJ WILL shut-down and move the equipment inside at the first sign of possible impending bad weather. Waiting until bad weather is upon him will be far too late, as breaking down the kit and moving it takes a considerable amount of time.
Breaking the kit down, moving it and setting it up again will take an hour (at least!) out your entertainment time.
If there is any sign of cloud or there’s even a chance of the slightest possibility of rain, I’d suggest setting up inside from the start to avoid this happening.

The DJ’s decision on the day will be final.

Please also note we will need access to power, so this may affect where we set-up too.