It is common knowledge these days that happy workers are more productive in the workplace. This means that, as an employer and someone who cares for their employees, making sure your workers are happy with their jobs and workplace should be a high priority not only for your employees’ wellbeing but also for that of your company.

Throwing a fun corporate event as a reward for the successful finish of a big project or financial quarter, for example, can go a long way in showing your employees you appreciate their hard work and making them happier to dedicate their time and energy to your cause. Similarly, demonstrating that you care about your employees personally by celebrating a birthday, retirement, new child, wedding, or any of a number of significant personal accomplishments can help give you a happy and loyal workforce.

In addition to showing your dedication to your workers, hosting corporate events can increase the interaction between employees who may otherwise never have a chance to meet or chat. This is important for several reasons. It allows for your employees to feel more integrated into the company and have a better grasp of how it functions.

Even more, increasing your employees’ networks will provide them with more resources to do their jobs to the best of their capabilities and develop themselves professionally – a win-win on both fronts. Increasing knowledge transfer and communication can only help your company.