Believe it or not, DJs aren’t just relegated to performing at nightclubs and other venues for adults. Most, in fact, have experience performing at children’s parties and are quite good at interacting with kids in a way that gets their full attention.

With City Nights Discos, our DJs are versed at performing at children’s events and parties in the Berkshire area. They know exactly how to communicate with kids both on an individual and group setting.This includes kids of different age groups ranging from preschool age to late teens.

With City Nights Discos, you won’t get a DJ that just plays music in the background. The DJ will fully interact with the young crowd and organize activities that include fun games and competitions complete with small spot prizes. The DJ will also use language and play music in the background that is age-appropriate.

Furthermore, he or she knows the tricks for getting every child involved. Some children love being the center of attention while others are more introverted and remain on the sidelines hoping not to get noticed. For the latter, the DJ will, in a friendly manner, get each child to become an active participant so no one is left out.