Our mobile discos provide you with all the entertainment you need for any type of special event, taking out a great deal of the organizational stress from the party planning process for you. We can help you plan your event from beginning to end, suggesting great venues that perfectly suit your party theme, audience size, and budget. We can help you choose and send out invitations, find the perfect food and drink vendors, and make sure everything is set up properly and safely on the big day of the event.

Every one of our mobile discos is overseen by an experienced DJ Buckinghamshire, chosen especially for your type of event and preferred musical genres. Your DJ will come prepared to your event with a state of the art sound system, guaranteed to project your tunes throughout your venue, no matter its size or particular layout.

Even more, our mobile discos come with a video set-up designed to perfectly suit your venue and party needs. We can provide a number of flat screen TVs, either organized around the DJ stand or dispersed throughout the venue. We can also include projectors and screens, showing your chosen video streams all over the venue – even on the ceiling and floors when desired! If you require any other technological equipment, like microphones, karaoke machines, or video cameras, we can also provide these items.

City Nights Discos is dedicated to making all of our party offerings completely customized for every customer, guaranteeing that you get the party you have been hoping for to the pleasure of both you and your guests!