City Nights Disco provides professional DJs to oversee most of its events. Our specialized DJs have years of experience catering to the needs of guests at wedding anniversary parties. They will come prepared with a music playlist of your favorite songs and musical genres or are happy to take a prepared playlist from you if you have already thought about exactly what tunes you and your spouse would like groove to.

Our DJs know that the ages of guests at these events tend to be rather mixed, so they make sure to bring a wide array of music choices so that anyone can feel free to make specific music requests throughout the party. Even more, our DJs always come prepared to your wedding anniversary in London with a high quality sound system and as many speakers as you need to project your music throughout your entire chosen venue.

Our DJs will work closely with you to make sure they run the event in the method and manner you prefer, adhering to your schedule of events and taking care of any last minute issues so that you can sit back and really enjoy the festive atmosphere with your partner and loved ones.