All our prom DJs for hire are professional and young enough to know how to create the type of atmosphere you want. They don’t just show up and play music. Rather, they give the crowd their undivided attention by observing the crowd, tailoring the style of the music to fit the crowd’s immediate needs, taking requests all night, and maintaining a friendly and approachable attitude.

Most importantly, our premium DJs have what it takes to keep the dance floor full and alive. They keep the prom or ball moving along and they know how to keep the attendees entertained and distracted if something goes wrong (for example, the food getting delayed). Our top-notch DJs have been doing proms for a long time, so they know many different ways to handle unexpected problems and to help things run super smoothly.

We understand that most, not all, of proms require formal dress, and we will be more than happy to send a prom DJ in black tie if you wish. Our DJs present themselves in a professional manner from beginning to end, so they will blend right in with the formal atmosphere.