Our DJs are among the finest in the Berkshire area and always go one step beyond their normal duty. We believe that DJs should be an active part of the scene rather than just a crew member in the background. However, our DJs are versatile and can adapt to various party requests. If you want the club DJ to just remain quietly behind the station, then he or she will be more than happy to oblige. On the other hand, DJs can also be vocal and assume the role of emcee. They have the voice and charismatic persuasion to get a crowd to respond to the beat.

Perhaps this is your first time putting together a party and aren’t sure what kind of music would be fitting for your patrons. Worry Not! Our DJs can play a blend of different tracks that club goers will resonate with. Some of our clients have a specific idea of what they want; others less so and leave the mix to us. Either way, our clients are satisfied with the end result.