City Nights Disco has been organizing events and throwing parties in the area for over twenty years. As such, our wedding disco DJs in Surrey are also seasoned and well-known musical entertainers with years of experience in several musical genres. No matter your musical tastes, we have awedding DJ in Surrey with the music collection and DJing experience to host your wedding reception.

Our DJs are happy to take a playlist composed by you to play throughout the event, create a unique playlist using the song and genre restrictions you have specified, or come prepared with a mix of popular music to meet the many tastes of your guests. Of course, our DJs are always happy to take requests from you or your guests throughout the event, seamlessly incorporating them with the other music being offered.

This is one of the great perks to hiring a wedding DJ in Surrey over a local wedding band, as the latter tend to be necessarily more restricted in their musical offerings and unable to play for all of the musical tastes present at your wedding disco. Ever responsive to the various intense feelings present at wedding discos, our DJs are careful to match the tempo and style of the music they play to the mood of the crowd and the timeline of the event.