Because music really can make or break a Birthday Party, hiring a Professional DJ to take the pressure off of the Party Planner, will end in relieving a great deal of stress from the organiser and will lead to you being assured that your guests hear the right mix of music. Hiring a birthday DJ in Surrey can be either the central focus or an additional aspect to any Birthday Party ideas, even those that may include Themes.

City Nights Discos have a Team of the highest quality Professional DJs, all with a unique personality, experience, and musical background, so that we will always be able to find you the perfect DJ from our Team who can produce the energy you are looking for at your next Birthday Party.

Our DJs range in age from their early 20s to their late 50s. All have at least five years worth of experience, some with over 30 years experience! They each have different musical knowledge and specialities. All can play songs from the oldies to the most popular and current songs of the moment. Whatever the musical preferences of our Birthday Boy or Girl, one of our DJs can take it to the next level with their years of experience and depth of knowledge of different musical genres.

We always ask for information (and a playlist if you’d like to supply one!) in advance so we can send you the perfect birthday DJ in Surrey, and it almost goes without saying, that we are very happy to play request received on the night in order to cater to you and your guests every desire.