A kids’ disco in Surrey is provided with a child-friendly DJ to manage the guests throughout the event and entertain the kids. Children’s party entertainers are also routinely part of many kids’ parties, helping to engage with the kids and keep everyone involved. Entertainers are encouraged especially for larger parties and parties with younger children.

In addition, the DJ can organize a music playlist before the party with the most popular music for that age group or from specific song or genre requests from the host, while always happy to accept any last minute requests from the host or guests alike. Both our DJs and our entertainers understand how to keep the focus of young crowds and pace the music and activities to reflect the different focal points of the party.

Our entertainers and DJs are also happy to organize activities and competitions to keep the kids entertained throughout the duration of the event. These activities are, of course, age-appropriate and tailored to different age groups. See our webpages for parties for kids of specific ages to see examples of some of our competitions and activities.