Our school DJs have years of experience working with students and children and love interacting with and entertaining younger audiences. They know what type of music is a big hit with the younger generations and how some activities, well-timed, can really help break the ice and stimulate interaction between those who might otherwise be too shy to really socialise.

Our DJs are also happy to manage whatever announcements or discussions should occur at the event, seamlessly mixing them into the school disco atmosphere.Our DJs customise their music playlists for every school disco, reflecting perfectly the tastes of the student body and the mood of the event. They are happy to accept song requests throughout the event as well. We provide a high quality sound system for all of our events, guaranteeing that your guests will be able to hear the tunes throughout your event venue.

We can also bring as many special effects to your school disco as you would like, including a laser light show, disco balls, smoke machines, LED lighting, amongst many other options. We can help you create whatever type of school disco atmosphere you are aiming for.