Common sense tells you that a four year old will desire a different type of party than a kid that is a decade older. For this reason, we have chosen to divide our kids’ parties into three types based on age. Although these are not strict guidelines, by dividing our party offerings it is easier for you to choose what sorts of services and entertainment will best suit your young guests.

As always, City Nights Disco individualizes all of its parties to meet the precise needs of our clients. Check out our different kids’ parties in Middlesex to find the right one for you and your family:

Children’s Party Discos: For children aged four to eight or nine. These parties are heavily structured so that there is never a dull moment that could leave your little guests to get into trouble. We organize games, competitions, and even dance-offs to get everybody participating and keep everyone entertained throughout the duration of the party.

We will provide plenty of fun entertainers so that you can rest assured that everything is taken care of and your children and guests are in safe hands. Our kid-friendly DJs will play fun, interactive music to match your guests’ excitement and carefree attitude as well.

Teen Party Discos: For kids aged nine to twelve or thirteen. These parties are a little bit less structured than children’s party discos, reserving time to allow these budding teenagers the space to interact on their own and feel out the territory. We will still throw in a few games or competitions, whichever best match your theme and party type, and make sure that all of your guests get a chance to participate in the fun.

As always, we will provide a kid-friendly DJ to run the show and play your guests’ favorite music throughout the event.

Young Adult Party Discos: For kids from thirteen and up. These parties are one step closer to the typical adult party we all know and love. Young adult parties resemble an adult party in structure, with a few kid-friendly activities and games for your teenage guests that we promise won’t embarrass them too much.

Our DJs will balance the thin line between giving them enough activities and entertainment to keep everyone occupied while still allowing them enough space to mingle on their own and feel out the new territory of quasi-adult relations.