Arguably the most important aspect of a good club disco is the DJ. After all, if the music does not get your guests going, little else can save the party. Your City Nights Disco DJ in Hertfordshire is guaranteed to have years of experience entertaining in the club scene and, even more, specific experience in providing the type of party and music you have chosen for your disco.

For example, if you choose to have a club disco in the theme of the 70’s, your DJ in Hertfordshire will have years of experience playing and jamming out to 70’s music and, more importantly, be a fan of the genre. We only work with professional DJs who thoroughly enjoy their jobs – a quality that can really make the difference between a successful and boring disco party.

Our DJs will also work closely with you to design the perfect music playlist for your disco. You can provide us with your chosen musical genres and artists to leave the magic making up to our skilled DJs, resting assured that they will make a unique and fun mix unlike any other you have heard.

If, on the other hand, you would like to create your own playlist and simply have our DJ spin it for you, we are happy to accommodate you as well. Of course, our Hertfordshire DJs are always happy to take song requests throughout the night as well.