Karaoke can accompany almost any type of party. It is great at birthday parties, where friends and family can gather around a makeshift stage and sing their favorite songs in dedication to the lucky birthday girl or boy. Karaoke is not only for the younger generations either – adults can easily become addicted to this fun party activity as well.

It can really liven up an otherwise run of the mill corporate office party, breaking down barriers between different ranks of employees and forging connections between those who otherwise might not have an opportunity to interact.

Karaoke can be be well-suited to a wedding reception or wedding anniversary party, adding a comical element to the evening and especially the video of the event. It can be used at events both small and large, as the central activity or one of many, and for guests of all ages. Best yet, City Nights Disco can provide an extensive selection of songs and lyrics for your karaoke event so that all of your guests can find a couple songs that they enjoy singing along to.