Our teen disco parties in Surrey are focused on children from about nine years old to about thirteen years old. For younger children, look at our children’s disco party options while see our young adult disco parties for more information for events geared to older kids.

For younger age groups, we tend to include more games and activities to facilitate interaction and keep the kids focused for the duration of the events. We promote giving the children prizes (purchased by the host) for their participation in our activities. Because most children’s inhibitions are still limited at these ages, we take full advantage of the kids’ love of interaction to really get everyone involved and enjoying themselves.

For those over thirteen years old, we offer young adult disco parties. These parties are mostly hands-off, allowing the kids to mingle on their own accord. The DJ at these parties tends to take more musical requests and pays special attention to matching the playlist to the mood and tastes of the young adult audience.

These parties most closely mirror those we provide for our adult clients, providing the greatest amount of autonomy in the flow of the event as possible to meet the needs of the young adult attendees. City Nights Disco organises the best teen disco in Surrey and surrounding areas.