Since we are dedicated to making our parties reflect your disco tastes and plans, we can display practically any type of video stream to get the mood just right for your mobile disco. We can play an array of music videos, syncing up to the music when requested or simply playing in the background of your unique playlist. We can also display a stream of images or videos from a specific place, film or TV show, or any other source when requested.

For more club-like discos, your DJ Buckinghamshire can organize a psychedelic mix of moving images to bring the perfect club atmosphere to your party. We can show morphing colors, sound bars and graphs, color wheels or flashes, or several other crazy and abstract combinations that have the option of syncing up to your playlist.

We can also use any of your personal media to create or be integrated into the video feed. Many clients love making a memorable slideshow of home videos and photos to highlight their video streams. Along the same lines, we are happy to place an intermittent or static message on the screens as well. Many guests want to emphasize a message like “Happy Birthday!” or “Congratulations!” at parties with one or more special guests of honor. If you would like the ultimate in personalization, we can even set up video cameras throughout the venue to capture the party live on the screens!

This is a wonderful option for making all of your guests feel included in the event and set the party move. Better still, if you choose to record the stream this option allows you to make a video keepsake of the event to enjoy over and over again later on! Any of these video options can be combined by your DJ Buckinghamshire to create the perfect video stream to meet your needs. Contact us today to find out what we can do at your mobile disco!