Because City Nights Discos guarantees a personalized party experience every time, we encourage you to get creative when choosing a video stream to be displayed on your screens or projectors during your party! We offer several options for customization. We can stream the typical mix of music videos, with or without playing the audio.

Along the same lines, we can display any collection of clips or short videos from films or TV shows, places or people, or whatever genre of media you would like. Again, we encourage creativity! Your DJ can also display a range of psychedelic images, from color spools and splashes to sound bars and graphs that can optionally sync up the the music.

For a real personalized experience, we can use a slideshow of your creation featuring personal photographs and/or videos from your collection. We can even incorporate a special message, like “Congratulations!” or “Happy Birthday!” into any of our video streams to help personalize things and give a shout out to your guest(s) of honor.

For the ultimate in customization, we can set up video cameras throughout your venue to capture the action and your guests on the big screen. Giving your guests a chance to jam out on the big screen is a great way to make everyone feel included and create a priceless keepsake of the night. Let us know which of these options, or combination of these options, works best for you and your mobile DJ Surrey will make it happen!