We can provide your school with whatever type of party will best suit your students.

This means that we can plan a party for students of any age, whatever group size, and for a variety of celebrations with the exact elements you want in order to cater to your specific pupils. We typically specialise our parties for one age group, choosing the music and activities based on that group’s particular needs.This means that our DJs will play age-appropriate music and plan activities that help kids of that age socialise and enjoy themselves. In the case of older students, we usually avoid too many structured activities and simply let the students let off some steam on their own accord. We can throw a party designed for any one of these groups of students or even design a party that is divided so as to meet the needs of multiple groups of different students.

As these split parties, we dedicate an hour or an hour and a half normally to students of one age. We choose music that is best suited for that group, changing when it is time to focus on another group. We can include as many of these little sections during the event as the school requires. This is often the best solution when a school would like to throw a party for the entire student body even though the students are of significantly different ages.

Throwing these “mini parties” will make it so you do not have to worry about mixing ten year old students with sixteen year olds, a combination that usually results in a lackluster experience for all.